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  1. I was more suprised by little 3rd party titles than the big ones like Metriod and Brawl. Im very much looking forward to seeing how de Blob turns out as well as EA's Blocks... that said Im still hanging out for SMG

  2. My brother is trying to decide whether to get Heatseeker or Blazing Angels. Advice?

    Heatseeker all the way, its just better alround, I picked it over Blazing Angels and Wing Island.

    Blazing Angels is okay but I wouldn't pay full price for it, if you see it second hand or at a half of budget bin it might be alright.

  3. I've thought for the last year or so now that Master Chief and Samus Aran should get married. But this wasn't *quite* how I'd envisioned it.

    Looks like there heading to San Francisco... Or The Netherlands.

    I liked the video for the most part, but I am getting a little tired of the constant Homages to the Matrix movies, there great movies and all but come on how many times can you beat the same horse before it gets boring?

  4. Looks like it could rival Date Movie or Epic Movie in terms of humor (which were painfully unfunny) It just looks alot cheaper! Oh well if you didn't think this movie wasn't going to suck you'd have to be Uwe Boll... Or his Mother!

  5. I like surprises and this new channel was a nice surprise, sure its pretty shallow but I do like the concept and it is good pointless fun, hopefully Nintendo drop more surprises (Like a game preview channel or a video channel) during the next couple of months.

  6. Lol I bet injin did that on purpose to start something. ITS A TRAP GUYS

    Is it a "Deathstar's sheilds still up" type of trap or more a "A couple of leaves covering a pit of spikes" trap.

    I personally see injin as the swedish chef from the muppets, talks a bunch of crap that everyone finds amusing even though nobody really understand anything being said.

  7. Why has no one said anything about Zorro coming to the Wii? :P

    Anyway I liked both metroids on the cube but believe it or not the mutiplayer option on Echoes might nudge it ahead for me. me and my brother had alot of fun shooting at each other in that game. In no way is it a great mutiplayer game but for some reason we kept coming back to it, until Hunters came along.

  8. Wow, that would have been a great phone if it was made in the early to mid 90's. I mean I like playing games with my Wiimote but holding it to my head and having a conversation on it... It'd look even dumber than when I play Warioware in front of family and friends.

  9. My son has had one for 2 months now. He loves it. Downloads all sorts of PODcasts and transfers TV shows he's taped on DVDs to it. Of course you need to convert from the DVD to a ZUNE format but he found a free program (SUPER) to do it. Took a little working at it until he figured it out but the quality is great. He also has put tons of music on it so it meets his needs perfectly. More of his friends are getting them now. Even his uncle is thinking of getting one!

    Sound like a bi line to a microsoft add.

  10. I use to play an SNES game called PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations) it was a shoddy turn based WWII sim from Koei. Everything about the game was either slow (combat, building units) or ugly (Music and Graphics that would a NES laugh out loud) but I really dug the game so much I got it on import.

  11. And Australian's have to wait for Excitetruck much like Americans are waiting for Wii Play (Someone really needs to explain why that is to me).

    Anyway as for the Wii heating up I've pretty much only had my Wii on stand since I got it back in early December and I haven't noticed it or my SD cards heating up at all, and Im slack so I've left my SD card in there for days. Not even sightly warm...

  12. I'd buy the one with the replaced battery, cos I'd rather have a playable game than a pristine one that doesn't work...

    Speaking of dead batteries, my copy of Pokemon Silver refuses to save anymore. I'm annoyed with this, cos it's a fairly recent game. (My Donkey Kong '94 cart works and saves fine.) What do I need to replace the battery and how hard is it? (and should this thread/post be in Tech Assist? =P )

    *pops in from the dark*

    Just ring the Nintendo help line on 190 224 1001 and they should tell you the best way to get a replacement copy. They're fairly cool and will try to help like they did replacing my old school DS and Pilotwings 64.

    *fades back into the dark*

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