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  1. I was more suprised by little 3rd party titles than the big ones like Metriod and Brawl. Im very much looking forward to seeing how de Blob turns out as well as EA's Blocks... that said Im still hanging out for SMG
  2. I demand a refund of my 15 to 20 seconds that I just waisted sir!!!
  3. Great stuff, I havent really enjoyed a remix like that in a while, loved it from strat to finish.
  4. What about a straight to DVD movie? I mean there really popular with cancelled TV shows like Stargate SG1, Family Guy and Futurama. Tie up all the lose ends and give the fans a little something for supporting the show for four long years.
  5. I believe they have hired the marketing guy that used to work for Acclaim! After his "Shadowman on your tombstone" and "Name your baby Turok" ideas who wouldnt hire that idiot?
  6. Heatseeker all the way, its just better alround, I picked it over Blazing Angels and Wing Island. Blazing Angels is okay but I wouldn't pay full price for it, if you see it second hand or at a half of budget bin it might be alright.
  7. Looks like there heading to San Francisco... Or The Netherlands. I liked the video for the most part, but I am getting a little tired of the constant Homages to the Matrix movies, there great movies and all but come on how many times can you beat the same horse before it gets boring?
  8. Wow, you know its just a website, not a way of life!
  9. Ok... dont like the NiGHTS news.. what about this one??? http://www.sega.com/gamesite/marioandsonic/index.php Its official and confirmed and its fanboy's wet dream
  10. Ummmmm... So some game called NiGHTS is coming to the Wii, apparently thats big news http://gamesarefun.com/news.php?newsid=7599
  11. Wrong, He said it more like DAMN!!!
  12. Wow Ive been going out with my girl 4 years as of this July and I haven't taken that plunge yet. Oh well Congratulations on taking the big step and good luck for the big day.
  13. Looks like it could rival Date Movie or Epic Movie in terms of humor (which were painfully unfunny) It just looks alot cheaper! Oh well if you didn't think this movie wasn't going to suck you'd have to be Uwe Boll... Or his Mother!
  14. I like surprises and this new channel was a nice surprise, sure its pretty shallow but I do like the concept and it is good pointless fun, hopefully Nintendo drop more surprises (Like a game preview channel or a video channel) during the next couple of months.
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