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  1. I found the song to be a great one. I loved the game, greatly, and the music stayed true to the original format without getting too close to the original mix, and something "way out in left field".

    The added voice/sound clips... Well done! Original thinking, as most songs don't even consider adding this to the songs. One song that did, before this one was the Mega Man 2 remix, Quick Flash(?). I'd like to see more remixes follow this example.

    So anyway, Remixer, THANK YOU for the excellent work, and please, remix another Magical Drop 3 song!


  2. I disagree. I found that some of the music work was good, but not all of it. Too similar to the original work...

    The parts that go into a funky style are a true remixing.

    The best part is the beginning drums. Good echo, and crystal clear. It gets the mood of the music set up very well. But as the music progressed, it became mundane. No offence, Vic, but I'd like to see a better remix than this.

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