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  1. I loved this song. It is proof that not all remixes need to be high and fast beat. One thing I would have liked, is that the normal volume be a bit higher. I'm too lazy to puth the button to raise the volume on my speakers. Anyway, superb sound, and downloaded to my collection, so I can hear it again, and again, and again. Worthy. -J
  2. Holy hairballs, it's cool! Great fade-ins, excellent backround bass, and the music isn't treble infested. Softly playing, but keeps it's fast beat. The DJ did it right! 9/10, and I've downloaded it to my MP3's, so I can hear it again later. Worthy.
  3. No doubt about it, this kind of remix is always overdue. It sounds so ...EPIC! I'm glad I had the priviledge to listen to it. Well done, DJ. One request though... More church bells. They really add a lot of sound, and I think that if there was a little more of these, this remix would have gotten an 11/10, instead of a 10/10. Please bring more like this!
  4. Fantastic! This remix was done very very well! I'm very impressed. It stayed within the song's originality, yet sounded different and up to date. It's a song you could put on a Metroid remake. Superb job, DJ.
  5. Not half bad! The voice samples really really add to this! Now I have the urge to play street fighter. DOH! Ha ha ha! I love the song. Timing is a little bit off, and the bass a little too heavy. I'm using a good sound card and 5 speaker set, but the base is pushing a bit too hard, so it distorts the sound a little. Other than that, it was very decent. Well done.
  6. This mix was ok. Not that great, not that bad. Some parts were really outstanding, and it followed the song close enough, without being the song, so I appreciated it in that aspect. The music flowed pretty well, but there are parts where there's too much. The drums often stand out more than they should. All in all, it was a good download.
  7. Horrible. The whole thing sounds disorganized. It sounds like you're playing 2 different songs at the same time. The backround music is cool, but is totally mismatched. Sorry, but I didn't like it.
  8. I thought it was beautifully done. It's depressing, yet romantic. This is a song you'd play if you were having a conversation with your girlfriend. And it reminded me more of Castlevania SOTN. It's not often a song is remixed so well, that it can fit into more than just one game. Congrats on this remix. I hope to hear more from you. -J
  9. I didn't really like it. The drums were a great addition to the song, but it just sounded too close to the original, instrumental wise. If you were to do the main song parts with an electric guitar, it might sound different, and better. All in all, it wasn't anything new.
  10. Actually, the best character is Temperance. She's so damn cute. Of course, World isn't bad either. Love the sanjiyan.... -J
  11. I found the song to be a great one. I loved the game, greatly, and the music stayed true to the original format without getting too close to the original mix, and something "way out in left field". The added voice/sound clips... Well done! Original thinking, as most songs don't even consider adding this to the songs. One song that did, before this one was the Mega Man 2 remix, Quick Flash(?). I'd like to see more remixes follow this example. So anyway, Remixer, THANK YOU for the excellent work, and please, remix another Magical Drop 3 song! -J
  12. But what's the point? The music doesn't seem to make sense, if you look at it from a deeper level. The bland garage sound seriously lacks depth that the original had. And it sounds almost pointless, until nearly the end. The music posted, didn't have a purpose. It wasn't there to make a better version, I find. It was grunge. So why did the remixer do it? -J
  13. I did not like it. My favorite game is FF4. And when I heard it, it did not sound very good at all. The sound is not even close to full sounding. However, when it got into the FF6 musics, it was better. It matched much closer to the music. I think a lot of work needs to be done on this. -J
  14. I disagree. I found that some of the music work was good, but not all of it. Too similar to the original work... The parts that go into a funky style are a true remixing. The best part is the beginning drums. Good echo, and crystal clear. It gets the mood of the music set up very well. But as the music progressed, it became mundane. No offence, Vic, but I'd like to see a better remix than this.
  15. For me, the hardest boss I had to fight was the first boss, on Dr. Wiley's first stage of Mega Man. (the first one.) I coudln't beat him. I never used the "select cheat" either. -J
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