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  1. nah, it showed up out of the blue. I wasn't too worried about it, I just didn't want to have a $30 charge show up when I think I've got all my finances covered already.
  2. You're welcome. My troubles are not 100% resolved, but, they are on the mend. A word of advice to anyone listening, in general. The world is a cruel place at times, but it's never too late to make a change, or ask for help. Don't ever think you're on your own. </end_sappy_advice> Anyways, I will apologize again for anyone who ordered more than 30 days ago. We don't charge your card until the order ships, and after 30 days, our chance to charge you expires, and we don't store CC numbers, so you will have to re-order. Shipping is planned to happen about 3 days a week. Most likely Monday, wednesday, and Friday. Okay, so, when I read this I went back to ZTNet and reordered my product. I noticed that it has yet to be charged to my account and it does not show up in my order history. Am I going to be charged one day out of the blue sometime soon?
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