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  1. OH MAN! That was quite awesome. Very nice beginning and then it gets totally wired! Its a little slow in the middle but its probably to get you ready for the extreme electric guitar later on. And i really like the stops. Earlier you asked for something constructive... well I would only add one thing at the end. Bowser laughing! That would be great. Just one laugh before his bridge falls down :wink:(preferably an evil laugh)

  2. 8O OH MY FREAKIN GOD! Best remix I have ever heard. this tops everything, protricity, you are a god(only of music so dont let it get to your head :wink: )First off, I find it cool how when the music starts it sounds like it was already started, and with a great beat. Lots of smooth beaks throughout it all. And many of the beats intertwined to give a cool effect. I like 1:15 where it goes to that little something when your fighting KRool. Then theres that powerfull bass around 3:32. And it keeps getting better till the end. :D
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