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  1. Very fun indeed. The block sounds as percussion is soooooo cool. lovely piano and a piss off ending
  2. Woah! nimbus land, so cool! and I like the school band effect.I'm in one for the last year. I enjoy the transition at 1:50, it turns to the clouds and finally 2:29 what I believe is violins. Very fun and grandiose remix all at once. Thank you for your hard work
  3. I just had to get up and dance while snapping my fingers:P transition 0:56 is so cool
  4. Very, very smooth. The drums are rough, yet they seem to fit in quite nicely. Nice when your in a calm mood
  5. OH MAN! That was quite awesome. Very nice beginning and then it gets totally wired! Its a little slow in the middle but its probably to get you ready for the extreme electric guitar later on. And i really like the stops. Earlier you asked for something constructive... well I would only add one thing at the end. Bowser laughing! That would be great. Just one laugh before his bridge falls down (preferably an evil laugh)
  6. OH MY FREAKIN GOD! Best remix I have ever heard. this tops everything, protricity, you are a god(only of music so dont let it get to your head )First off, I find it cool how when the music starts it sounds like it was already started, and with a great beat. Lots of smooth beaks throughout it all. And many of the beats intertwined to give a cool effect. I like 1:15 where it goes to that little something when your fighting KRool. Then theres that powerfull bass around 3:32. And it keeps getting better till the end.
  7. Yes, peaceful is the word. Every time I listen to this tune I can just se the blue shiny background of those cool icy stages of donkey kong.(Like the hardest stages of the game because it takes a while to get to candy kong and save)Back to the music, its nice and smooth and I like how it slows down after a while .
  8. When it starts its up beat right away and its a good reminder of X3. But after a while i find it way to repetititive and the part where the main tune stops and leaves the fast percussion beat or whatever alone is a little to empty. I'm sure now you could do much better. (house hornet is totally awesome ) keep it up.
  9. uhm... not that i'm experienced or that i've listened to that many remixes(slow internet is a long wait for 4 megs...) but i didnt hear a melodey, really. And it does sound like a printer at the end
  10. All I can say is smooth. It reminds me so well of such a great game full of great music. gj
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