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  1. Just a quick heads up, I noticed you tried to use the uploader at http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/ and the file plays rather oddly. This is because the flash player only works with 44100khz files it seems. You can work around this by linking directly to the file download instead, (bypassing the uploader) until I find a more proper solution.

    Sorry! :tomatoface:

    You don't have to apologize man, you are giving a free service. Yeah, I had that problem, i thought i was doing something wrong. Thanks anyway, next time I'll use your tip.

  2. The ride in the drums seems a little weird. Also change the loop of the drums, it's too repetitive. And what everyone says. The guitar sounds really crappy. The idea is cool, and also it can be greatly expanded. Some really good guitar arrangement would be cool, adding harmonics, etc. Also the solo part needs polishing and a better soloing. Something more heaver and nostalgic. Good luck though, it's a nice idea.

  3. The arrangement is good, even though i don't like some parts but maybe is something personal. First of all, the kick sound from the drum is no where to be found, in some places you can hear it, but in others is obliterated by the other instruments. Also, when the song starts there's like a strings volumen going up, but they are going way too high. The piano sounds stranges in some sections of the loop. You should EQ better the keyboards instrument (string, piano,etc.). Of course this is my personal review, hope it helps.

    Good luck

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