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  1. i have a highlander team that would like to practice against a slightly skilled highlander team. have i come to the right place?
  2. Still messing around with this unsuccessfully, but while I'm bumping my longshot of a help request thread, I'd like to comment on what a chore it was to activate Cubase. edit: ok thanks for all the help guys i figured it out!
  3. Greetings, chums. I have acquired the above stated hardware and software, with which I desire to record some audio from my electric guitar. However, I cannot seem to get Cubase to record any input from the pedal, nor can I hear any type of sound output from the USB cable that I have connected to the pedal. There seems to be some type of sound coming from the thing, because the "DigiTech RP500 In/Out" device in my OS recording settings picks up a single bar of noise when I strum, but that is the extent of any sort of feedback I have had. I am running Vista32. I have read and followed the instructions and searched the googles for the proper manner in which to set this up, but have been unsuccessful. I figure someone here might have the same pedal, so any help regarding this would be appreciated.
  4. Oh, that's hilarious that the guy playing the song was the one that proposed the vote. I figured the only reason it passed was due to the random pub players, but I literally didn't even get a chance to finish typing my comical retort at the vote before it was passed (I didn't expect it to). It's not a huge deal, at any rate; just wanted to voice my disdain.
  5. I love how anyone with an [ocr] tag can play entire songs over mic and no one complains, but when I play a single sound clip, everyone votebans me. It is irrelevant that I was the number one scorer that round and was a team player despite having never played the map before. DO... DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Looking past the fact that I administrate a server that encourages micspam, I find the fact that your low tolerance for cute cartoon noises is rather contradictory to your high tolerance for people with annoying voices that refuse to unpin their finger from the "talk" button throughout the round. Just sayin'.
  6. So now that many of you have gotten to play it, what do you think of 1fort? also give your opinion on this addition to the sniper tower that may or may not be implemented: also brushfire stop whining gee golly goshes
  7. Updated 1fort to a6. Only a few minor things kept me from releasing it as Beta, so it's reaching that stage where it's looking and playing the way I'd like it to. Tell me what you guys think once you get it updated on the server, or feel free to download it below and check it out on your own first. Of course, any feedback is welcome. Download from tf2maps.net Download from fpsbanana.
  8. If you are great at scout and pyro, then you can aim and hold down m1, respectively, which means that you can't possibly be that bad at soldier or heavy, which require those two skills. Demoman is also ruled out because my cat got three dominations on the ocr server last week by alternating m1 and m2 while licking his own balls and whacking his tail on the keyboard. Given this information, the only logical conclusion is that you hate bullets and explosives in a game riddled with, yes, bullets and explosives. Would you like to explain this discrepancy?
  9. Updated ctf_1fort to version a4. You'll notice some big changes from a2, which is the old version I believe your server is still running. Download at tf2maps.net or FPSB. The tf2maps link has new screenshots, while FPSB still won't let me upload any images. Piece of piss.
  10. Can you provide an example of this type of comment? I don't think I have ever heard someone say that atmuh is funny. You are generalizing. Why would I pick "fags" for my team when there are plenty of likable and skilled players that regular our server? Your opinion of our user base aside, no one is forcing you to play on their team. Because that would be a poor decision. because you are bad at tf2
  11. I just wanted to say that it is completely and utterly unacceptable that I died at all during this round. In fact, there should not have been a window of more than thirty seconds during which I was not invulnerable. I assure each and every one of you "doctors" that the board will be hearing of your poor performance. On a somewhat related note, gather your best men. I (on behalf of the Fightatron) officially challenge OCR to a battle of tourneyfaggotry. I wouldn't expect there to be any truly mean-spirited comments; we are extending the opportunity for your more devoted players to join us and have a bit of a friendly challenge. I still don't understand the reason behind all the hatred for atma around here, but I honestly do not care to hear an explanation. I hope that any bad feelings towards him will not stop you from accepting this game invitation.
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