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  1. Currently downloading the Torrent, well the MP3 versions... don't need the WAV files. It'll have an extra seed in 15 minutes.

    Anyway, while that downloads I'm listenin' to the tracks as well... or well I was until one track which I've played 3 times now; Jovette Rivera's The Crossroad (Cid's Theme), really like this one so I'm gonna keep playing it for a while until the album is downloaded. ^_^

    This is by far my favourite album to come out of the OC projects, that could be due to it being Final Fantasy and a combination of many of my favourite artists from the site, most likely is.

    Anyhow, love the album and look forward to more stuff.

    ...Also, great to see a new track Jovette. =)

  2. I love this station, it's so addictive and entertaining to listen to. Otakon sounded fun form the last episode, glad that you chose to show off The Ken Song, Da Black Market and The Dragon Song...and all the other songs of course.

    Really great choices to show off some of the great talent to new people. ^_^

    Wish I could of gone, maybe next time I can make it out of England to check it out.

    Anyway, thank you Zircon and pixietricks for all the great entertainment.

  3. Hmm, in my opinion the hardest boss I have ever seen is either Kolvar or The Elite Guard.

    Both creatures from the game Myth of Soma, they were so hard that it took about 10 or more people at level 80+ to fight them.

    lol, I miss playing that game but the private servers are so boring and the original is dead...

  4. First of all, i'm very glad to see a new song by The Wingless. ^^ He is definately one of my favourite remixers on this site.

    About the clipping, I can't hear that on my normal speakers but when I try listening on surround sound between twenty to fourtyish there is a slight crackling sound...It's not too bad since you can easily just switch around the settings on NvMixer to reduce that sound to almost nothing. Or atleast you can on my computer...

    Comparing this with other mixes i've heard by Wingless I'd have to say this one rates around 8.5/10 for me. I especially like this mix because you can have it on repeat and it almost sounds like its just one long/never ending song which is great for just relaxing to.

    Can't wait to hear some more mixes similar to this one and my friends at college can stop moaning that there arn't any World of Warcraft remixes... :lol:

  5. I didn't like this remix when I first head it, but then I listened to it again and then my mood about it completely changed. It's a great Zelda remix, the vocals may need a little work, but since i've never heard you sing before it's a great first vocal track in my opinion.

    DarkFrog; Can't tell the difference too much between my headphones and speakers but there is a slightly better quality on the speakers.

    Sounds good set up on a church/hall echo effect. ^^

    I'd love to see some more tracks with vocals from you Darangen, maybe with some backing vocals aswell. :)