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  1. Hardware failure.

    The best you can do is simply more research on the "YLOD" for the ps3.

    If you want you can try doing a DIY-repair on your PS3; get a month worth card of the PSN+, use the cloud to transfer as much info over as you can and prepare to switch over to a new ps3 model.

    This is of course assuming the fix manages to get the old ps3 working once more; if only to last for a week or so if not more.

  2. Lollipop Chainsaw is probably the best action/hack'n'slash arcade fun I've had in a good while.


    The game's short but sweet as each stage area can be played between 45 minutes to over an hour depending on how dedicated you are to using

    and just being quick on the draw er button presses.

    The atmosphere through out the game reeks of B-Horror movie goodness (Think Army of Darkness) with gameplay of DMC/Bayonetta fare; just without tons of weapons.

    For some one who's heavily seasoned with earlier mentioned games the difficulty on normal, at least, may seem easy at the first go. I have observed with a friend who has NEVER played such games have a good challenge with a couple of loses thrown in; I'd recommend playing on Hard at the first go imo.

    Using Juliet's Pom-poms to both do light but easily chained combo/stunning damage along side her trademark chainsaw manages to keep the adrenaline going to see how long I can go untouched through it all while collecting coins (zombie medels in gold and platinum flavors) to upgrade Juliets stats and skill repertoire.

    Aside from the main game there are "mini-games" in between sections of a stage. Where in one stage it's a baseball game where you actually play as "defend the target" as said target is to finish 3 laps around the field without being killed. You fail you lose which can hurt your evaluated score by the end of the stage. Funnily I've found the mini-games to be the source of my many losses/deaths rather than the main game, which I'm fine as it breaks up the action comfortably.

    Aesthetically with a pulp comic feel to everything I'm not disappointed along side pretty much having


    Most of all I was absolutely delighted how varied the tracks are in LC. Between the

    licenced tracks to Lollipop Chainsaw's original tracks (Done by Akira Yamaoko and Jimmy Urine) it never felt so gloriously put together.


    True to arcade games, it demands replays from rank mode, speed run mode and of course for %100 completionists out there; at the very least play one stage a day to savor it all as it is short like most arcade-style games.

    The bonus of having "Twilight Sparkle" have occasionally raunchy dialogue is a nice bonus too

  3. He was obviously using blow to refer to singing, it just sounds weird is all.

    Still doesn't make it appear good at all though, as it seems to imply the singer's just a blowhard making noises that are utterly tolerable to listen to the way I interpret it.

    That and it's terrible to encourage the way it's used; way too easy to misunderstand others using it that way.

    That said, the singing's not bad at all, would have actually preferred traditional instruments behind that voice as it actually sounds good.

  4. Merry Christmas~!

    Got a new monitor, some new gloves and boots, a couple hundred dollars worth of PSN cards (thanks you guys at work if u ever read this!) and some titles off of steam for myself as well as a couple of friends.

    Oh and a new 2TB My Book drive "for all

    music I keep finding and
    " as a good friend said to me.

    Gonna be spending the rest of the day with family and friends.

  5. Eh, powerful stories?

    I mean, I like a good game story, but even the best FF plot is still a game plot.

    I don't know, considering he's playing NIER I have a tough time comparing it to any other with the exceptions being Forbidden Siren 1 & 2 as well as the Fatal Frame series.

    Hell all you know at first is that you're simply a 40 year something father (20 something brother in the Japanese version) trying to raise as well as find a cure for your daughter from a devastating disease. By the time you reach the end as well as gone through every single note explaining the world itself, the disease among other things; It just suddenly cascades upon you when the realizations on everything has been discovered.

    To quote a reply on /v/'s message board when some one asked about NIER, it's basically this image.


    Why exactly I won't say for the sake of not spoiling anything. I will just say I was satisfied after seeing everything it had to offer.

    Forbidden Siren 1 & 2's narratives had such complexities regarding to their prospective stories its mind boggling but at the same time fun trying to piece it all together, especially since they both use the Butterfly Effect on their stories. Not everything are what they seem in those games. The games depend not only on what you do but what items/artifacts/notes ect that you find throughout the games.

  6. I still say it's nothing more than their breakfast sausage patties mashed together into larger patties with a couple of buns to put it together. Some how it makes it taste worse than the actual sausage patties they have.

    Real shame and missed opportunity to serve actual Pulled Pork sandwiches with a specialty sauce or dip for the sandwich to go into...

  7. it seems that EVERY SINGLE SHMUP FAN IN EXISTENCE says that EVERY FAN OF SHMUPS needs to play that game. I liked DonPachi (despite only beating it on MAME via credit-feeding), so I'd assume it's more of the same but... better?

    You're pretty much obligated to play it if you're a fan of shmups.



  8. you get a 30-day trial instead of two weeks, for five dollars. he likely didn't know that he can get a three-week trial for free through a buddy invite.

    They really need to work harder in advertising things like that.

  9. -DonPachi (COME ON KID)


    -Soukyugurentai* (I almost got this TWICE for really cheap on ebay but shiesters fucked me over in the last 30 seconds both times. FUCK)

    -Strikers 1945 (holy moly this game is fucking hard to survive in)


    -Metal Slug*

    *Have never played

    I kind of wish these games weren't as expensive as fuck.

    I get paid tomorrow. If I were to get one of these games, which could any of you recommend? The ones with asterisks are the ones I have not played.

    Also, Gundemonium Collection came out on steam, and I'm hearing good things from the folks over at the shmups.system11 forums. Though I'm not sure if the game is totally my thing (outside of that fantasic Crimzon Clover game Schwaltz posted I'm not usually in to doujin shooters), but hey, 10 bucks for 3 games.

    First off you can easily get the Metal Slug Anthology Collection on the Wii, PSP, & PS2 $19.99/$33.35($20? PSN)/$21.50 respectively.

    Second the Gundemonium Collection was actually a series of doujin games as far as I knew as I've played them way before indie games took off. Here's a sample for

    which comes in the Steam/PSN bundle. While I am displaying the hard difficulty modes that doesn't mean the game changes very much on easier modes. You'd just die less, probably.

    Even after something like four years when I tried Hitogata Happa and I still can't get the hang of its bombing :lol:. To me its bombing system is wierd but it borrows the special ability mode from Gundemonium Recollection.

    Overall I liked the games and they can still be some good fun but I'm even then I would be skeptical many would stick out for it for long; especially if they're gunning for the true ending on HH.

    Edit: Funny little thing that is perhaps not important to any one but I honestly believe that for some reason the PSN version was slightly censored; as if something was missing and I can't seem to pin it down as to what exactly. :lol:

  10. Have to admit it was getting rather ridiculous and as soon as the corp that I was in started mandatory assaults; and actually working in real life, just had to call it quits. It's been nearly two, three years since..?

    Sort of interested in the Dust thing they have going for the ps3 in the future but I'm not holding my breath on it being anything really special...

  11. that's not trolling

    that's him hating fallout 1 and 2

    Which is perfectly valid.

    Just like how some can't stand Disgaea games yet are seemingly enjoyed by many others.

    Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas actually does away with that "tutorial dungeon" that bleck mentions about FO2. More so in New Vegas as after you set your stats you could just go right out into the Mojave and not even bother talking to Sunny.

  12. I have Gradius III and IV on the PS2, and I'm honestly not a fan (I've also played Gradius 1).

    Maybe it's because I'm a bitch and find Gradius 3 way too hard, but all the Gradius games, it's like you can never sit back and enjoy the game, because it never stops trying to kill you in all sorts of mean-spirited ways. It's always trying to pull a fast one with enemies coming from behind you or that fucking damn bubble level (to use an example in 3). In say, Darius Gaiden, or in other shooters, you get a moment to take in the atmosphere, but not so in the Gradius games. Maybe some people like that but it's too much for me.

    I'd much prefer a Darius or RayForce or some other Taito shooter at least to Gradius.

    Though since i like treasure and G.Rev, I would like to get my hands on Gradius V. But I can never find a copy cheap enough.

    Speaking of CAVE and localization, I really wish more G.Rev games came out stateside. They're made up of all the people that made Taito matter back in the 90s, and like, they only have two games released here, one on XBLA and the other on the 360 called Senko no Ronde.

    Has anyone played Strania: The Stella Machina? It looks really awesome- like an old Taito game made for today's world. Ha ha, Taito/G.Rev is where my inner shooter fanboy comes out.

    As I said they squander some nice shmups on the 360 when they ought to spread them out to other systems; hell even the Wii could have done something like use the wii-motion as the actual movement option with the traditional controls being optional as well.

    As for Gradius, there's always

    if you want something a little lighter. There is also
    for the PS2 that is not as mean as Gradius but also offers it's own rather harsh difficulty. I'd say it'd be a good one for ya as well as its earlier titles. I remember it always allowed me some time to relax before a stage and before a boss fight.

    Heading for more obscure titles, there's

    which uses spaceships so check it out.

    Dodonpachi & ESPGaluda's are good ones.

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