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  1. If I remember correctly, I like sexual favors.
  2. Sorry this needs a bump. Come on guys........ dodge ball... is fun!
  3. awesome... cause i would kill you personally if you put male vocals in there nothing against male vocalist, but female vocals always sound better.
  4. This link has a special something for everyone whoever wanted to try the neo geo version of it ^^^ you pretty much have it. The game and the music is awesome also. And I have to agree that this is the best version of super dodge ball. I didn't like the GBA version at all.... maybe it's just me. hahaha.. name the time and place..
  5. on another unrelated topic... no one answered my question....... who wants to get owned in Super Dodge Ball? neo geo version or nes version...? I'm the king of these games.
  6. SUCH A FUCKING TEASE! just when it was going to get good.. you cut it off at 1:04..... can't wait for the finish version.
  7. isn't it someones job to bump this every now and then......... i'm not suppose to fill in peoples work here. *booty bumped* EDIT: wasn't aware this was in WIP i still thought this was on GEN DISC EDIT # 2: AKUMA BELMONT = WOW no words can comprehend your work. nice nice.
  8. pfft bring it on bitch midget. on a more unrelated news here is a USSR mix on VGMIX that you should take a listen. so whoever is doing USSR track better surpass or decently equal the quality of the song. you have you work cut out for you. (pssss.. any wip done yet...) (USSR TRACK) Nex - Can't Believe it's Not Tetris = http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=357
  9. on unrelated topic let it be known i can beat ANYONE on this game with my India team. My Swami and Raul never let me down. I AM GOD at all the super dodge ball games including the neo geo one.
  10. yay i world cup remix project! EDIT: sorry it's super dodge ball. i like them both!
  11. Well how about you offer your left nut to kirby and your right nut to cammy? I mean everything is about equal rights, right? I'm sure cammy will like the right nut. Come on sharing is caring.
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