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  1. It's the same pretty much gameplay wise... but there is super moves ala Street Fighter II etc... and the art style is different, but is SOOOO awesome... The story line is different too, as is the music (but it's EXCELLENT also.

    It's the best version of the game out there :D


    This link has a special something for everyone whoever wanted to try the neo geo version of it ;)

    ^^^ you pretty much have it. The game and the music is awesome also. And I have to agree that this is the best version of super dodge ball. I didn't like the GBA version at all.... maybe it's just me. :(

    Hey, I might want to take you up on that offer. My wireless internet connection is really unstable though, so it probly won't work out for me.. oh well

    hahaha.. name the time and place.. :)

  2. Pfft, easily ownaged. I'll own you with my Team India remix. KTHX. bye

    pfft bring it on bitch midget. ;)

    on a more unrelated news here is a USSR mix on VGMIX that you should take a listen. so whoever is doing USSR track better surpass or decently equal the quality of the song. you have you work cut out for you.

    (pssss.. any wip done yet...)

    (USSR TRACK) Nex - Can't Believe it's Not Tetris = http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=357

  3. actually I know some people who would consider kirby and other round, pink stuff sexier than cammy, or than anything else (doulifeé!). And besides, I have certain judge pointing a gun at my nuts to get the kirby mix finished ASAP. *gulp*

    Well how about you offer your left nut to kirby and your right nut to cammy? I mean everything is about equal rights, right? I'm sure cammy will like the right nut. Come on sharing is caring. :(

  4. so I'm kinda interested in tackling the cammy stage song.

    John Madden says tackle now! Sir! do it know! who's hotter kirby or cammy? unless you're a sicko and like puffballs shooting air at random objects.

    CAMMY NOW ! yOU = Tackle! :)

    Hmmm... I've been working on something for T.Hawk's stage music but I'm not sure if it will meet your "punch in the face" criteria. While working on it, I couldn't help but make it in a South Western style kinda like the original track(heh, anyone who's listened to my mixes would know I'm a sucker for that syle :) ). It does have a bit of a hard edge to it - I guess it sort of has a Tarantino/Rodriguez "punch in face" feel it.

    Anyway, here's what I have at the moment.

    I don't like 0:45-0:57 (will probably replace that part with something else).

    very NICCE!

  5. Well, Ichi, i'm impressed :D

    I like what i'm hearing so far... my only complaint is that one of the drum sounds you've got sounds like mike speakers popping or crackling. It's that kind of higher-pitch 'pop' kinda sound that plays in the drums from 00:56 onwards. Remove that, and I'm happy ^^

    As for ideas? Kick in some massive drums right where this ends, add a more defined lead (with more high frequencies so it stands out more) and some louder background pads/strings. You can have it play the same thing that it plays towards the end of what you've got so far - just make it sound fuller and louder - before transitioning into a different section. Perhaps it goes quieter again, but still retains the hi-fi sound with more frequency range than what you've currently got there.

    Yeah... what you've got sounds a little lo-fi and muddy because there's a lack of high-frequencies (something I know, because I used to do it all the time until sadorf taught me some nifty EQ tricks). But that's okay. The lo-fi sounds suits the mood and atmosphere that you've got so far. Just make sure that once it transisitions into a fuller sound, you boost up the higher frequencies on some of the instruments to balance out the lower ones.

    One cool trick is to split your drum track into three channels - boost up the low frequencies on the kicks, the mid frequencies on the snares, and the high frequencies on the hats. It really does make it sound that much fuller ^^

    I'll give you an example incase you're wondering what the hell i'm on about ;)

    This is me before I EQ'd my stuff right:

    And this is me after Sadorf showed me tha light:

    EDIT: fixed links

    So yeah. You can see a pretty drastic improvement, and the only real major change was some equalising ^^

    I hope some of that helps - if you need me to help out in any other way, just ask. I've got access to both FL and Reason (being at an audio college is teh roxor :D ), so if you want help with anything, just ask ^^

    I really do love what you've got so far, and I'm dying to hear more! Hurry up! :P

    Oh, and sithlord - good to see you're making a fast recovery :)



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