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  1. I have a VST plugin that is supposed to play upto 15 separate instruments at once. However, I can only seem to be able to edit the piano roll for the first instrument, so the other 14 are useless. If I want to add another instrument, I have to add another instance of the plugin and use its first instrument. This takes up a lot of RAM and CPU power, as I am only using 1/15 of the plugin's capacity. How do I edit the piano roll for the other 14 instruments?

    Edit: I know now. You have to assign your VST a port number that isn't already used. Then create a MIDI Out channel and change its port to the same one as the VST. The MIDI-Out's "Channel" Number corresponds to the plugin's instrument number.

  2. The percussion sounds like Timpani drums and cymbals. Orchestral is not exactly my forte so I can't be too specific but there are some decent timpanis in the Squidfont Orchestral soundfont on Darkesword's soundfont site. Those drums are common enough that you can probably find some good free ones in the percussive or drumkit section of Hammersound also.

    Cool. I already had squidfont, just didn't realise it had what I wanted. Roland Orchestral Rhythm is quite good as well.

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