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  1. I have a VST plugin that is supposed to play upto 15 separate instruments at once. However, I can only seem to be able to edit the piano roll for the first instrument, so the other 14 are useless. If I want to add another instrument, I have to add another instance of the plugin and use its first instrument. This takes up a lot of RAM and CPU power, as I am only using 1/15 of the plugin's capacity. How do I edit the piano roll for the other 14 instruments? Edit: I know now. You have to assign your VST a port number that isn't already used. Then create a MIDI Out channel and change its port to the same one as the VST. The MIDI-Out's "Channel" Number corresponds to the plugin's instrument number.
  2. Cool. I already had squidfont, just didn't realise it had what I wanted. Roland Orchestral Rhythm is quite good as well.
  3. I'm looking for soundfonts/samples of some ochestral percussion. I don't know what to call it, but you can hear something similar in the Final Fantasy X OST ("17. Aeon Battle" on the 4th disc). It's the loud and epic percussion throughout the song. Sorry I couldn't describe it clearly enough (not really musically inclined), so here's a 100kb sample. http://dman.orcon.net.nz/snd.mp3 Thanks.
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