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  1. This is a superb mix. Ok, the quotes are a little random, but the rhythm, the timing, the texture, all make for a definite keeper. Every time I listen to this mix I like it more. Well, except for this morning. I was listening to songs to burn onto a CD to take with me while I'm shopping for a car stereo, and so I'd already listened to a lot of full-sounding mainstream pop / R&B, then I came to this again. I can't explain exactly how, but I think it would sound better with a little fuller low parts.

    OK, an update: twiddling the graphic eq. made it sound nicer to my ears, but your results may vary.

  2. I think my wife would enjoy this piece, and she's quite far from being a "remix" fan. The rhythmic plucked bass and piano, and smooth winds together at the beginning are beautiful, simply beautiful. Well-balanced, flowing, and just -- it just sounds good.

    I do wish that the sound from the first half stuck with it more through the rest of the song. I don't like the direction it takes at 2:30 or so, but it does wrap up nicely in the end. Excellent piece, I'd download it again in a heartbeat!

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