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  1. This is a superb mix. Ok, the quotes are a little random, but the rhythm, the timing, the texture, all make for a definite keeper. Every time I listen to this mix I like it more. Well, except for this morning. I was listening to songs to burn onto a CD to take with me while I'm shopping for a car stereo, and so I'd already listened to a lot of full-sounding mainstream pop / R&B, then I came to this again. I can't explain exactly how, but I think it would sound better with a little fuller low parts. OK, an update: twiddling the graphic eq. made it sound nicer to my ears, but your results may vary.
  2. This is a nice slow, steady groove, if you like that sort of thing. It could be because I've still got the sugar-high of Mazedude's funky remix of this song in my head, but I can't say this one does much for me. Can't fault the production values, though.
  3. I thought I'd listened to all the ff remixes, but I spotted this in another thread about the music video. Nice idea, excellent execution, and not a bad remix even without the campy humor. (the flash movie is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=58184)
  4. This piece is worth the download if for nothing more than the Celes theme at 1:35. (And who says that always has to be a sad song?) Yeah , the trumpet is awful if you're expecting a real trumpet, but it isn't (I hope) trying to be any more than synth brass, which it isn't bad at all for. Kind of calls to mind some of the original game sounds (whether it was intended or not).
  5. Not what I was expecting from a "Lounge" remix (should've read djpretzel's review before I listened) but quite nice. I rather liked the slight delay on the vibes and piano, as well as the synth interludes. This mix is obviously going for a laid-back, rhythm-lounge feel to it, but I can't help but wish the synth had been cranked up just a tad more.
  6. It's amazing how so many musical ideas can be put together in a single song so seamlessly. If you like remix for the funky variety of songs, prepare for a treat!
  7. I think my wife would enjoy this piece, and she's quite far from being a "remix" fan. The rhythmic plucked bass and piano, and smooth winds together at the beginning are beautiful, simply beautiful. Well-balanced, flowing, and just -- it just sounds good. I do wish that the sound from the first half stuck with it more through the rest of the song. I don't like the direction it takes at 2:30 or so, but it does wrap up nicely in the end. Excellent piece, I'd download it again in a heartbeat!
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