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  1. Im talking about the piano keys. The Z keyboard key contrls the far left key. WHat if I didn't want "Z" to dictate that action, but wanted "q" to dictate it, how would I set that?
  2. Thanks alot for the help. I have another question. On the FX peices, when you right click, and insert channel, and you have the Fruity Piano, that keyboard thing, is it possible to re assign the piano keys to other keys. like when you press "z" it is the lowest key on the piano, is there a way I could assign that to say the "B" key as an example?
  3. My Volume control is maxxed already. I think I said that. However, how do I copy the notes into a diffrent channel?
  4. Ok, I have a question, I didn't see it anywhere, but I didn't check every page of the thread either. My question is this, I just got fruity Loops, and I was going to open a midi within the program. Now, I did what this site told me, set the port to 0 and the remote stuff and how that should be set. However, I am finding that when I open the midi's in Fruity Loops, they are *wicked* soft, like, I have to squeeze my headphones into my ears to hear them. How do I make them louder, if that is possible. I checked in volume control under the "midi" area, and it is maxxed as well. Thanks.
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