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  1. My apologies for grave-digging this post (and do give me a slap on the wrist if I'm done wrong), but I've noticed that the official website for this album is down, or being moved, rather. I'm thoroughly enjoying the tracks that've made it to OC (absolutely fantastic!), but would anybody be able to tell me where else I might find the complete album? Thanks in advance!

  2. My real gripe with this project (even though it's really good) is that a few source tunes were used so much that I lost interest in some tracks. Just check out the remix track listing at the CS page. Frog's Theme makes FIVE appearances! Battle With Magus has six! I know they're both good tracks and I'm not opposed to using source tunes more than once, but that was total overkill if I do say so myself.

    I wanted to wait until I had listened to the whole album a few times before saying anything, but I felt like I should respond to this first.

    On one level, I have to agree that there seems to be some overuse of source tunes. But that's not really my complaint, because I think that it was pretty cool that a single project could use certain source tunes so many ways, in so many interpretations, and in so many different contexts. There may a couple of times when this doesn't work as well, but in general, I feel that it's a cool thing when a single mix can interweave different themes in it. And if you think about it, there are definitely lots of movie soundtracks that use the same melodies more than once, perhaps changing from major to minor, or at a different tempo, or for totally different scenes.

    My real complaint, though, would be the omission of certain tunes. Of course I respect the decision to keep the scope of the cinematic interpretation down as movies always make these decisions out of necessity, but there were some memorable tunes I really miss (particularly the part where the trumpets come in during Magus's tune, the epic parts of the World Revolution theme, and many of the dungeon themes, like the sewer music). Overall though, I'm very much impressed. Great job, and thanks to all who made the project what it was.


    (full review to come later...might not be for a few days though)

    [Edit] Well, I just noticed the part I was talking about in the Magus theme in Unknown's Parting of Ways, and the little oboe solo take on it works extremely well. Just goes to show I ought to stick to my word and wait until I stop using this thing as background music and really give it a serious listen before saying anything about it... [/Edit]

  3. Is anyone actually using them? I've gotten a few people mentioning they'd like versions with no logo or quote on them whatsoever. It's still related to the project, but it's not as much of an advertisment as the original. Anyone want unblemished versions? I'm up for it if people are after it.

    Well Eon, I can definitely say I'm using them, on my laptop, as I'm actually running it on 1024x768. My desktop, like I would imagine most people's computers, is at a higher resolution (mine's 1280x1024), so a hi-res version would certainly be appreciated.

    Another thing I am doing though, is making "promotional" bookmarks (print them out on card stock paper, use a paper cutter to cut out) for Chrono Symphonic. It's just something I do whenever I encounter images that have the right proportions, and in this case it happened to be your sig. You wouldn't happen to have a higher-resolution version of that, would you (currently I'm printing it on just over 100 dpi, which is barely tolerable)?

    If this works well maybe I'll post a snapshot of what one of these bookmarks looks like... :)


    P.S. -- sephiroth2122, the easiest way to deal with an ISO would probably be to burn it onto a CD, which you can do with just about any CD burning software out there. The software that came with my computer (RecordNow) does it nicely, but there are other things like ISOBuster and such that you can download that should work.

    P.P.S. -- <3 all who've worked on this project... and many thanks for your hard work and your ability to put up with all the unwarranted and uncalled for flak that you've taken over the course of the project. Looking forward to hearing it!

  4. Okay, after a couple of testhearings I ran into big trouble. You know... a good hall/reverb is like finding the needle in hay. But sometimes the hay also stings. And this is my problem.

    I narrowed it down to 6 Halls/Environments and I can't decide. Guess it'll be a close run. One reverb works good on the vocal tracks, but then it's too less on the other arrangements (even though reverbless some samplepacks like EWQL Silver, GIGA or Garritan have a prerecorded reverb). On some arrangements it sounds totally awesome, then it's piercing on the vocals and mud them up. *sigh*

    Again... a long night, and I guess the next days will be made through or something like that.

    Narrowed it down to these:


    Like I said... hard to decide. I like all sounds, but in the end, it can only be one "hall".

    Hmm, maybe I'm not sufficiently well-versed in audio engeering to understand why you can't have more than one hall, but I feel like using more than one would certainly take care of the problem of pre-recorded reverb on the instruments and the fact that you have vocals on only some tracks (I definitely have classical albums where the pieces were recorded in different places, particularly albums where there are different scale ensembles, like orchestra vs. string ensemble vs. chamber group).

    However, if you definitely have to stick with one, maybe it would be better to stick with something more conservative (like a midsized one) to mitigate the adverse effects you're describing. Just a thought. Other than that, I defintely would like to see the one that gives you the best acoustics (i.e., a hall that was designed with symphonic music in mind). The university I go to has a performance hall that has exactly this problem -- its acoustics are terrible for a symphony orchestra as it's designed more for talks and addresses. On the other hand, the school my brother went to has a good music school and thus has a performance hall that sounds great when a symphony orchestra plays in it.

    Just thought I'd share my two cents on the matter.

    - Mike

  5. Sorry if this is off-topic at all, but I was looking at the site (and the album art) and noticed that the track "The Final Battle" no longer belongs to PLBenjaminZ (on the site) and seems to be a different remix altogether (according to the album art).

    If I missed anything about this in the preceding hundred pages of this thread, my apologies, but what happened to this track? It was actually one of my favorites out of the WIP's, despite it being very obviously a WIP.

  6. I know I'll be wrong, but I have a feeling that the project will be released as the first post on page #100.

    Honestly though, I've known about this project for a while; I didn't care about it before I knew it existed, and it's free, so I really don't mind waiting however much longer is necessary. That said, I have to say, good job to everyone on the team, and especially Compyfox for weathering everything that's being said at this point.

    Still...can't wait!

  7. I know it's been a while since this song has been released, but unfortunately, listening to this remix late at night in all it's glory has spurred me to register and make my first comment (and further procrastinate on the work I'm trying to finish up).

    I have to say, this remix takes one of the catchiest tunes in the game and turns it into a legitimately good piece of music. The guitar is well done, and while it's not the most realistic of the sounds I've heard, the quality is definitely up there, and the texture it provides is exactly what this song needs. The flute is rustic and takes the melody well, and the percussion is superb -- it really helps make this piece as good as it is.

    What's unfortunate is that the bass line really doesn't form the proper progression. Maybe it's intentional, and to some extent, I can see how that fits the track. Still, being somewhat musically inclined, it bothered me enough to make me write this review and take note of it. I love strong bass lines not for their own sake, but because they complement a piece well -- and while this remix exemplifies that extremely well in this case, the pitch is still bothersome.

    I don't know if it's appropriate to make such a request, but is it possible for Scott to release a "friendly bass" version to silence the complaints? If it's not, I still appreciate this song very much, and will still listen to it quite a bit -- it's just that good, great for these chill moments in the middle of the night.

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