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  1. My apologies for grave-digging this post (and do give me a slap on the wrist if I'm done wrong), but I've noticed that the official website for this album is down, or being moved, rather. I'm thoroughly enjoying the tracks that've made it to OC (absolutely fantastic!), but would anybody be able to tell me where else I might find the complete album? Thanks in advance!
  2. I wanted to wait until I had listened to the whole album a few times before saying anything, but I felt like I should respond to this first. On one level, I have to agree that there seems to be some overuse of source tunes. But that's not really my complaint, because I think that it was pretty cool that a single project could use certain source tunes so many ways, in so many interpretations, and in so many different contexts. There may a couple of times when this doesn't work as well, but in general, I feel that it's a cool thing when a single mix can interweave different themes in it. And
  3. Well Eon, I can definitely say I'm using them, on my laptop, as I'm actually running it on 1024x768. My desktop, like I would imagine most people's computers, is at a higher resolution (mine's 1280x1024), so a hi-res version would certainly be appreciated. Another thing I am doing though, is making "promotional" bookmarks (print them out on card stock paper, use a paper cutter to cut out) for Chrono Symphonic. It's just something I do whenever I encounter images that have the right proportions, and in this case it happened to be your sig. You wouldn't happen to have a higher-resolution ver
  4. Hmm, maybe I'm not sufficiently well-versed in audio engeering to understand why you can't have more than one hall, but I feel like using more than one would certainly take care of the problem of pre-recorded reverb on the instruments and the fact that you have vocals on only some tracks (I definitely have classical albums where the pieces were recorded in different places, particularly albums where there are different scale ensembles, like orchestra vs. string ensemble vs. chamber group). However, if you definitely have to stick with one, maybe it would be better to stick with something more
  5. Sorry if this is off-topic at all, but I was looking at the site (and the album art) and noticed that the track "The Final Battle" no longer belongs to PLBenjaminZ (on the site) and seems to be a different remix altogether (according to the album art). If I missed anything about this in the preceding hundred pages of this thread, my apologies, but what happened to this track? It was actually one of my favorites out of the WIP's, despite it being very obviously a WIP.
  6. I know I'll be wrong, but I have a feeling that the project will be released as the first post on page #100. Honestly though, I've known about this project for a while; I didn't care about it before I knew it existed, and it's free, so I really don't mind waiting however much longer is necessary. That said, I have to say, good job to everyone on the team, and especially Compyfox for weathering everything that's being said at this point. Still...can't wait!
  7. I know it's been a while since this song has been released, but unfortunately, listening to this remix late at night in all it's glory has spurred me to register and make my first comment (and further procrastinate on the work I'm trying to finish up). I have to say, this remix takes one of the catchiest tunes in the game and turns it into a legitimately good piece of music. The guitar is well done, and while it's not the most realistic of the sounds I've heard, the quality is definitely up there, and the texture it provides is exactly what this song needs. The flute is rustic and takes the
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