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  1. When I stay up all night, by morning I can taste the deprivation in my mouth... it tastes poisonous.

    Also I too have gotten sleep paralysis once in a while, but not in the last year or so for some reason. Usually it was that I would wake up but I couldn't move any muscles, not even open my eyes, and after what was probably only a few seconds but felt much much longer because it's kind of terrifying, I would be able to force my arm to move a tiny bit and then regain control of my body.

  2. my dreams are usually something like I am wandering around a rocky desert with a friend, and there are people sitting against the rocks but not doing anything except different tones are coming from their bodies and so we two are going from person to person with a tape recorder trying to find the one that makes the best sound

  3. I think all three Halo games are a lot of fun, but wear out pretty fast and have little replay value after I've played through the campaign and dabbled around online. I do think the campaign of the first and third were well made though.

  4. To me a hardcore gamer is someone who plays games on purpose (i.e. not just to pass the time while on the bus), spending a lot of time playing the games they play, as compared to a casual gamer who plays Rock Band with the guys, or plays Wii Bowling when the grandkids come over. I'd almost say hardcore gamers try while casual gamers don't, as I've seen people who literally don't even play the game, they just go through the motions to pass the time for an hour or so.

  5. If I decide against commuting to a lab with software that I am entitled to use, and instead pirate the same software, I'm doing my part to preserve the environment. I'm being partially serious, and here's why:

    I think the arguments against piracy regarding supporting the company being followed up with "drive to the lab and use the software there" present a non-sequitor. I did mention before that a lot of these anti-piracy alternatives still don't support the company. At least the students are using their cars less :P

    How is that alternative unethical?

    Case 1: Adobe doesn't get your money or support.

    Case 2: Adobe doesn't get your money or support.

    I think a lot of you aren't thinking outside the box, and automatically hear the word pirate and the alarms go off in your head and you say "BAD BAD BAD", but you don't really think about whether any business is really getting hurt. I understand that if I'm not a student and I have no lab alternative, then yes, I should deal with the inconvenience of not having the software. That emphasizes the ethics and consequences of not having money and how being poor sucks. It was a good point. But I like this student example, because there's still an agreeable alternative of driving to the lab that still does not support the company.

    I reiterate. Cases 1 and 2, both: Adobe does not get your money or support.

    This is something I attempted to articulate but completely failed at, thank you

  6. My favorite part of The Brave Little Toaster is the part in the junkyard when all the cars sing

    Also I think Pom Poko (by Studio Ghibli so you can't go wrong) might be the best animated film I've ever seen, not only is it an astoundingly good movie but it takes advantage of the animated medium in such a more extensive and integral way than any other cartoon I can think of

  7. I respect that many (most?) people have the integrity to pay for every single thing they ever use, I really do, but I don't think it's at all fair to decree that anyone who downloads something for free did so purely because they are lazy and immature. Not everyone who has pirated a program is a rampant downloader who wants teh warez. If I want to play around with a program and then forget about it, that usage isn't worth several hundred dollars, and yes in black and white terms it's wrong, but the infraction is so morally minor in my perception that I don't think it's something worth getting your panties in a twist over.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Leonardo DaVinci stole his first paints :-)

  8. Most people who pirate Photoshop are not graphic designers, and most of those people don't need to be using the "industry standard." They can get by with GIMP. Hell they can get by with Paint.NET. To be perfectly honest, they can probably get by with some of those online image editing apps.

    But I don't want to just get by, I want to make my pictures the best they can be, I want to make them bewtifullll

    OK actually I have no idea how to use photoshop but my point still stands I think

  9. Hmm, not sure I buy this. Your school doesn't have media labs that you can work in? You can't use free software, ie. GIMP? Drexel, for example, has 24/7 media labs. All students in the appropriate programs get access, thus there's no excuse to pirate anything.

    I find that usually (but not always!) free alternatives are not even close to as powerful of programs, or don't use the format that the class program uses. Also, if you already have a student right or whatever to be using the program, what difference does it really make between in the lab or at home??

    Anyways, I just now ordered a CD that I would never have even known existed had I not downloaded three of the songs from it first... whoa I guess that piracy did some good after all

  10. When it all comes down to it, the best arguments I can use for my downloading(which is usually out of print stuff or international music) is due to lack of local availability, and also the fact that I don't like to buy crap, and I especially don't like being told I should spend money on crap.

    A friend of mine bought the bluray for some movie, I go to his house and watch it, I think it's crap and never watch it again. I didn't pay anything, and I can assure you that I'd be pissed if I DID pay something. Now, sure, he paid for the movie, but I didn't and still saw it. As far as I know, going to a friends house and watching a movie is perfectly fine and legal, and yet nobody got a cent from my watching it. This occurs every damned day.

    This is exactly my reasoning as well

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