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  1. yeah, i haven't checked IKEA yet, but i went to walmart and they had some pretty decent/cheap stuff, but the one i wanted on display wasn't in stock!! maybe ill just keep trying back or take a trip to IKEA... which i hate doing, it's always a madhouse...
  2. Okay... so i've seen the threads about 'show your gear off' and stuff like that (no not your weiner, like your gear for music and whatnot) what about desks? i need a new computer/workstation desk thingie. any suggestions? i need a lot of surface area (obviously) so far all i have other than my keyboard/mouse is a midi keyboard, but im thinking of getting a full sized keyboard and i'd like some place to put it, actually on my desk and not laying on the floor or propped up against a wall. i really dont want to spend more than $200. any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Zircon...the big deal is, when im recording on a pattern, and the pattern is over, then the recording stops. if i have a pattern with 1 measure, then i might have like 3 seconds to record, and the recording is stuck to the same pattern over and over. yeah, i can copy and paste and make a huge 200 measure pattern but uh...it seems to me like FL would have something a little smarter so you wouldn't have to do that if you are recording live...
  4. yeah, see that's the thing...i dont want to record to the pattern, i want to make a whole automation clip from what i record. anyone know how/if this can be done?
  5. wont this actually record to the events of the pattern and not to the automation channel?
  6. how do i create an automation clip while recording? i know this can be done in an individual pattern with the event editor (right click > edit events or whatever) but i what about a whole clip that spans through the whole track?
  7. damn really? so i can't do this, say, if i were recording stuff live? like i have a midi controller and whatnot...basically i would have to edit the events after i recorded stuff? bleh...oh well, if that's the only way ill just do it thanks a bunch man
  8. I have a (hopefully) simple question. So there's the echo/delay settings under the misc functions and tools tab when you open any sample or loop or soundfont or anything. my question is, is there a way to make the delay 'stick' to the tempo? i know i can just stick the 'time' knob at 2 or 3 or something, but say i wanted to make some live automations, and i just wanted them to automatically jump to 2 or 3 or 4 instead of all the ones in between...is there a way to do this? hmm... sorry if this is a uber noob question
  9. haha nah i got it, i updated but netgear makes crappy products... WOW i just realized this is definitely not the place to be talking about network stuff...but anyway, thanks for that background info, i had no idea how to do that, as obvious as it was
  10. ok, another question, this one is kind of weird has anyone ever had problems involving wireless internet with fruityloops? this might just be a coincidence, but it seems like my wireless adapter shuts off after a minute or two in fruityloops, so i figure i'd throw it out there.
  11. i can't change the skin because i can't open FL and i can't make phony .bmps because i don't know the names of the originals
  12. ok so, i was working on something in FL5, and all of the sudden error error cannot find blah blah/artwork/skins/ whatever.bmp occasionally this happens...i was wondering if there is an easier way to fix this other than re-installing because i really don't feel like doing that...any suggestions? im a dummy and didn't back up the files last time this happened, boo.
  13. yeah, you've got to make sure no notes go past the measure you want your pattern to end at...sometimes it might not even be close, but just turn the 'snap to grid' to 'none' and tweak that shit as close as you can get it without it sounding like it cuts off before the measure ends...sometimes it can be a pain. also make sure you have no automated events going past the last measure...i dunno if this can cause the same problem but maybe? bleh
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