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  1. Well, the problem is that then pretty much anyone could say "I *intentionally* wanted this to sound like a SPC rip with a boring drumloop and FruityLoops presets! It's my style!" And who is OCR to argue with that person's "art"?

    As a wise man once said, "good music" and "ocremix" are not necessarily synonymous. OCR isn't going to tell you what's "good" or "bad," but it can and will tell you what a song needs to make it onto the site.

    Yea, thats true.

  2. Submissions should be cleanly and clearly produced.

    * Recordings should be reasonably free of distortion, hum, clicks, pops, or other unintentional audio artifacts.

    What if my sounds are based around using distortions, hum, clicks and pops? Like somehting out of Björk albums. You know how in some of her old albums (and some new ones) she uses pops and clicks in her song (like this one

    ). Can you maybe possibly supply us with an example of what you are talking about?
    * Volume levels should be normal compared to the average recording.

    What if it's an orchestral recording? Orchestral recordings need to be low in volume so that you can capture it's dynamic. (here is an article about it http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article1878724.ece ) And what having the volume low was something a musician was trying to use as an effect? Once again, is there an example of what your referring to?

    * Synthesized and sampled elements must be reasonably sophisticated.

    * General MIDI sounds from low-budget soundcards are not sufficient when superior samples are available online for free.

    * Overusing common presets, relying heavily on prerecorded loops, or employing nothing but basic tones or "chiptunes" is discouraged.

    Isn't that an artist's choice? What if an artists wants to use a prerecorded loop or a common preset to get the sound he/she was looking for? I mean, there is a fine line between using loops and using loops to make the whole song (trust me, I would know...) but isn't that almost alienating some of the artists? What if the sound I was going for was a midi sound? So many people go with sampled sound and I want to be a little different and use MIDI samples instead, to give it a little edge, thats cool though right? I mean the way you make it sound, I'm guessing you guys sometimes get the most cheesiest songs all based off of midi. That totally understandable but I dont think generic MIDI sample should be discouraged.

    * Instrumental and vocal performances should be recorded clearly. Performances should be well-executed with regard to tone, pitch and rhythm.

    What if I'm creating a halloween mix that has to be off tone, pitch and rhythm to give it a chilly vibe? I can't do that? Isn't that my choice as an artist? It just feels really weird. it feels like you guys are going into the artists room and telling them how to create the song, well then it's not their song, its your song is it not? And what if I was looking to compress the vocals or instrument like crazy? (Like Justice- D.A.N.C.E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo_QVq2lGMs the vocals are over over compressed but it's being used as an effect!).

    Ok, I can totally see some kid going and recording a song thats off key and off tone and rhythm and then submitting it to you... To which, I can totally understand why it wont be accepted... But, is it ok if I am using these things as a effect? Should I tell you guys that I am over compressing the song as an effect so you guys don't automatically assume anything? How would you guys know? Isn't this almost a little bit too nit picky?

    I didn't have a problem with anything else you guys had to say because I totally agree with you.

    I guess this conversation is mostly about effects and where to draw the line.

  3. Hello and welcome to


    W.I.P Deadline "Saturday; April 9th, 2005"

    I have been wanted to do remixes for this soundtrack for as long as I can remember. It is my personal favorite Sonic soundtrack, and knowing that people want to do this project just made me want to do it even more.

    One issue I had with trying to make this soundtrack into a remix project was the fact that it has quite a few tracks within it. I thought about it and came up with a simple solution.

    Let's use "Mushroom Hill Zone 1 and 2" as an example.

    These are two seperate zones, but under the surface, they have the same melodies. This has led me to decide that we should just put the zones togheter and let you pic the source material from the two zones of the area you decided to try and remix. Sound simple?

    Here is the list of tracks that will be used in the soundtrack:

    Select Game - claimed by sithlord-aku

    Angel Island Zone - claimed by Rexy

    Hydrocity - claimed by yoshi_84

    Marble Garden - claimed by RoeTaka

    Carnival Night - claimed by DCT

    Icecap - claimed by analoq

    Launch Base - claimed by GeckoYamori

    Mushroom Hill - claimed by Lord Maestro

    Flying Battery - claimed by Beatdrop

    Sandopolis - claimed by DarkeSword

    Lava Reef - claimed by nesper/or Xerol (tenative)

    Sky Santuary - claimed by Azar

    Death Egg - claimed by DJBren

    Boss 1 - FREE

    Boss 2 - claimed by Sir Nuts

    Doomsday pt1 - FREE

    Doomsday pt2 - claimed by Hadyn

    Ending - claimed by Rayza

    Special Stage - claimed by DCT

    Competition Menu - FREE

    Azure Lake Competition - claimed by Rayza

    Balloon Park Competition - claimed by Ichitootah

    Chrome Gadget Competition - claimed by Hetcenus

    Endless Mine Competition - claimed by jeffreymroberts

    Desert Competition - claimed by UncleSporky(temporary for now)

    Here are a list of 100-80% surefire remixers on the project-







    Sir Nuts(YAY)

    myself :)




    There is no need to rush at all, time makes things better in my opinion. As for myself, I will be working on a track (Select Game) while I wait. I hope that this becomes a successful remix project. Anyone can grab a track, and if someone has a track that you wanted to do, you can work on it as well, and then there will be a vote. Have fun' - SithLordAku

    Click Here for the Sonic 3 and Knuckles GYM files.

    I'll take Boss 1!

  4. Another question, here.

    I want to write an orchestra piece using the Orkester soundbank, but composing with Reason's editing tool is kind of a pain. Is there any way I can write what I want on Finale or some sort of staff paper (or anything easier) and then export it to Reason?

    This is very easy, I sometimes transfer stuff form cubase to reason.

    here is how.

    Once you compose something form Final or Cubase or whatever, be sure to export in midi format.

    You need midi. you cant transfer a song form one software into another without midi exporting.

    When you have that midi file exported form Final or Cubase...

    Start up Reason -

    Click on file, Import MIDI file -

    choose the file you exported from Final or Cubase -

    And thats it! Just attach instruments to the appropriate midi instrument.

  5. I have a question!

    How do you make a smooth transition from a realistic sounding instrument to a synthy techno instrument?

    So, for example, I have a flute or something and I want to end up making it sound all... well, sawtooth-like or something over the course of a few seconds while making the transition really nice. I don't have an actual song example that I can think of, but I hope I got the idea across.

    Yes, I know what you mean. Haveing an organic instrument in a techno song can be rough sometimes, what you need to do is make that organic instrument a little less organic.

    Here is a good example...

    Say you got a piano as that organic instrument.

    This is how the piano sounds in reason, very nice and organic...


    The key to letting the piano mix in with alot of effects. Effects are the key in a techno songs sometimes.

    This is how the piano sounds after some EQ and reverb/delay effect...


    With a piano like that, it would sound more natural for it to be in a techno synthy song. It can easily be mixed in with synth without worrying. I dont know other people's methods... But I am sure everyone has ways they can improve on.

    I hope that helped.

  6. Oh, and FFMusicDJ's older stuff was all Reason. String Machine was Reason 1.0 I think :).

    It was all 1.0 strength baby! In fact ... what’s this?...


    HAHA! I still don't believe I made this. Look at the stupid picture, it looks so horrid. Everything sounds chunky.

    I still can’t believe it was 8 instruments, that’s it, nothing big.

    Very rarely would I only make stuff on reason ... here is another!

    http://ffmusic.net/Haroon%20Piracha%20-%20Horizion%20Beyond.rps (trance construction kit required)

    I must admit, though I am partly sold to Cubase, working with reason couldn’t be anymore simpler!

  7. If anyone has serious complaints about Reason lacking fatness, please come forward with what fattening features Reason lacks. If nobody can come up with any, I'm inclined to think it's user incompetence.

    Ooh here, here!! Can you make a synth fatter? Please show me. This was why I stopped using reason. I mean I still use Reason for Drum Machine (nothing is better) but synth? Sorry if I sound incompetent, How do you make it fatter.

  8. before I begin my review, I would like to point out that I sorta like this song.

    Well I for one liked the rain in the begining, the thunder and the rain represented that you were going for a intrested theme. The quality of the instruemnts are horrible. Just listen to the song. I think this song would have been much more powerful if it was mixed and eq'ed properly, but I can sence that you dont know how to make a good trance song.

    Moving on to the melody, very very nice! I kinda hear the main melody and the surrounding melody that are harmonic to the main, but I also hear the wrong notes playing at certain times of the song. Sorry but it's the truth. The whole song seems clouded and it could be fixed with a bit of mixing ... no I take that back, alot of mixing; the only think I hear you do nicely is the mixing in the begining and ending, everything else was WIP. For the mian lead, I suggest possibly more of a bussy feel, for the bridge, I suggest some more creative patterns and tones to go with the instruments you use. the song structure and rhythem is good and fair solid.

    Keep trying, Ghetto Lee Lewis, maybe the next one will spark out loud, because this is one song that really needs it's production value worked out.

  9. Oh, crap, I KNEW I would get flamed for this. . . Alright, alright, just forget everything I said. I shouldn't have posted, I shouldn't have given my opinion, just forget about everything. God, I'm so dumb, why did I write that?! :banghead:

    dude, I dunno how to say this .. if you say something like "my opinion is that monkeys should be raped for breakfast" in a monkey loving forum, ofcorse your gonna get flamed, so what if your expressing your opinion? what if you go out to an all african american club or something and say" I hate niggerz!! and thats what I think" .. it's self explainatory .... I think thats kinda stupid.

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