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  1. https://soundcloud.com/ffmusicdj/genki-rockets-heavenly-star-ff-remix If I had a vocalist, I would very much like to submit this to OCR. It would be very easy to reproduce the effect with different vocals. I don't know anyone who can sing. Anyone liked or played Lumines? For me it was addictive, I played it for hours. Thought this was an appropriate remix for the game.
  2. No no, I'm still FFmusic Dj, Haroon Piracha seems to have confused people more than anything.
  3. I would love to be a part of this ... seriously ...
  4. If anyone in interested in downloading the original Wav file for my song, you can download it here http://soundcloud.com/ffmusicdj/animalcrossing-djkk-ffmusic-dj-mix Thanks for the support you guys.
  5. My girlfriend just beat Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and I saw your name on the credits for sound design. I was like "Hmm... that name sounds familiar!". Rock on, just thought I'd let you know the game sounded great.

  6. omg YES! I LOVED THis. The beat is fine! This is old skool happy hardcore. LOVE it. Just a side note, the Piano is a little off tune. Fix it! I like the song! The Piano is fine for a Happy hardcore.
  7. Apparently I have 58 unread messages ... Man I haven't been here in the longest time cool beans.
  8. What if my sounds are based around using distortions, hum, clicks and pops? Like somehting out of Björk albums. You know how in some of her old albums (and some new ones) she uses pops and clicks in her song (like this one ). Can you maybe possibly supply us with an example of what you are talking about? What if it's an orchestral recording? Orchestral recordings need to be low in volume so that you can capture it's dynamic. (here is an article about it http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article1878724.ece ) And what having the volume low was something
  9. um ... ooh yea! I have a remix due! .... here ya go sir, http://ffmusic.net/SONIC3+K(boss%201).mp3 You are so lucky, it's not even funny. I stayed up all night finishing it up for you. So I better see a smile!!! How do you like it?
  10. This is very easy, I sometimes transfer stuff form cubase to reason. here is how. Once you compose something form Final or Cubase or whatever, be sure to export in midi format. You need midi. you cant transfer a song form one software into another without midi exporting. When you have that midi file exported form Final or Cubase... Start up Reason - Click on file, Import MIDI file - choose the file you exported from Final or Cubase - And thats it! Just attach instruments to the appropriate midi instrument.
  11. Yes, I know what you mean. Haveing an organic instrument in a techno song can be rough sometimes, what you need to do is make that organic instrument a little less organic. Here is a good example... Say you got a piano as that organic instrument. This is how the piano sounds in reason, very nice and organic... http://ffmusic.net/piano.rns The key to letting the piano mix in with alot of effects. Effects are the key in a techno songs sometimes. This is how the piano sounds after some EQ and reverb/delay effect... http://ffmusic.net/piano2.rns With a piano like that, it would sound more
  12. It was all 1.0 strength baby! In fact ... what’s this?... http://ffmusic.net/sandy%20badlands.rps HAHA! I still don't believe I made this. Look at the stupid picture, it looks so horrid. Everything sounds chunky. I still can’t believe it was 8 instruments, that’s it, nothing big. Very rarely would I only make stuff on reason ... here is another! http://ffmusic.net/Haroon%20Piracha%20-%20Horizion%20Beyond.rps (trance construction kit required) I must admit, though I am partly sold to Cubase, working with reason couldn’t be anymore simpler!
  13. Holy crap dude! thats complex! VERY FAT! I never though of using 2 different tractors and using the spider audio, hence why, I thought, they made Malstorm ... I figured. I still think vanguard still has some ot the most fattest instruments around.
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