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  1. I asked a few pages back about a problem I was having with FL. Everything was coming out distorted when I put 4 or 5 instruments together. I mentioned that I had only 256 mb RAM at the time, and somebody said that that wasn't enough. Now I have my laptop, and I have 1 gb of RAM and the same problem... everything distorted. If you want, I can host the file... _glitch_
  2. Thanks! I turned off Smart Switch, but the problem remains. It must be a RAM issue. In that case, I'll just wait till I get my new laptop. Will 512 mb be big enough? _glitch_
  3. I have a question, too. When I try to play a lot of loops at once on the step sequencer, it sounds scratchy and distorted. I have the sampling turned up all the way, too. What am I doing wrong? My computer is running on an AMD Athlon XP 1.6 with 256 MB RAM on WinXP Home. Thanks in advance. If you want, I'll host samples... _glitch_
  4. I have a feeling that you guys have probably been asked this a million or more times... I just got FLStudio 5 XXL and I've had a blast using it so far. However, I noticed that most of my samples - the .wav ones - won't play. I checked in the help, and it said to turn on your acm codec. It gave the path Start > Settings > Control Panel > Multimedia > Devices tab > Audio Compression Codecs. I tried that, but when I went into Control Panel, there was no Multimedia tab. I went to a Windows newsgroup, and someone gave the path of Start>Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices>
  5. w00t! I was searching for F-Zero tunes when I found OCR. I love it! Here's my take on this gem. The intro is the best part. It really has an awesome beat. The main body of the song is somewhat dull, but the end is great. I love the channel switching. It's kind of hard to notice without headphones. Some time ago, I burnt this song to CD and was listening to it with my walkman for the first time with the volume cranked up all the way. That one part (I think it's a 2:12) scared the crap outta me! It's a nice chage from your standard melody-harmony-base-beat remix, and I give it a 10/10. _glitc
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