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  1. While it's certainly not a remix, I thought most of the people who frequent this site might really enjoy this song. It's called Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is in Another Castle, and it's a collaboration between The Mountain Goats and Kaki King. As you might imagine, it's song from the perspective of Toad, waiting for Mario to make it to the end of one of Bowser's Castle. It's very lo-key, there are never more than 2 instruments playing at once and just about the most adorable thing ever. You can find a copy of the song, free to download here
  2. No, actually, I see what I was doing wrong now. I had selected "don't display my signature." That's why it wasn't appearing. Thanks for the attempt at help anyway though! (by the way, is this too big for a signature?) Edit: sorry about the quintuple (I think that was it, I lost count after a while) post. I was getting a tad frustrated.
  3. Would you recommend registering with ImageShack?
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