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  1. Some years ago I trained PFS JKD in Denmark, and my trainer was Jacob Aabye (an awesome instructor by the way). But I stopped after meeting the new instructor , and what an arsehole he was. Now adays I don´t train anything, but I do miss practising PFS JKD. But who knows what the future will bring in that area.

  2. Damn, I am shocked, what a perfect way of raping a theme. That is one of the first Chrono Trigger covers, Where I don´t know what to say, without saying too much negative points.

    Shit, I think I would be running screaming the other way. If you did another cover in that kind of way. But I envy your talent, in playing an instrument. So that is the most positive thing, I can say about your version of that theme. Since I don´t have much positivity about this piano piece, since I feel it is utter rape of a very fucking great melody.

    but well, to save my own ass, then it is my opinion. and normally I am not that critical about a melody. But here I feel (possibly like the only one), that this version isn´t my cup of tea at all.

  3. WOW :) I am thinking terminator 2 (one of the versions with violins, and well anyway the terminator main theme is really something that it reminds of too) :) Jurassic Park, and also a bit The Rock (oh well that isn´t that far fetched anyway), but also something I can dream too, and well I think it is a fucking great classical piece :) and it is something I can listen to alot :) thumps up :) it reminds of some of the best kLuTz has made too. very beautiful, and I am astounded by it :)

    FUCK I have just listened to most of his composistions, and covers, we have just got another very fucking talented musician on board this community :) damn I don´t care if I swear but Reuben Kee and kLuTz aka. Gregory pak are some of the most talented piano players, and I would love to hear them both in Copenhagen, if they ever got the oppurtinity to play in Denmark , just listen to Legend Of The Snake and , the rest of their compositions, and then you will know they both are VERY talented artists, and damn good musisicians :) thumps up :)

  4. and alot of Green day with Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), and some Tracy Chapman, that is how it feels :) a sweet, and great song :)

    Thanks - spot on with the Green Day influence. I *was* actually considering adding a string part and changing the title to "Town of Your Life" as a VERY obvious reference, but the final product was different enough and serious enough to dictate otherwise.

    Great :) I just had a real feeling about Green Day, but heck that is because music in every way is a passion for me :)

    anyway thumps up :)