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  1. I really love it, since it has the dark feeling I get from the original Terminator main theme. And it has some serious cool oldschool trip hop/hip hop in it too. And then some awesome electro . So it is a very beautiful piece, and well. That is I call music in the hip hop/trip hop and electro genre. Thumps up awesome piece very cool cover
  2. Some years ago I trained PFS JKD in Denmark, and my trainer was Jacob Aabye (an awesome instructor by the way). But I stopped after meeting the new instructor , and what an arsehole he was. Now adays I don´t train anything, but I do miss practising PFS JKD. But who knows what the future will bring in that area.
  3. R.I.P. Reuben Kee , I saw a bright future in your talent as a musician . So it saddens me, that your life was taken away from you so quickly. Rest In Peace. My condolences goes out to the family, and the other who lost their life and their families .
  4. I can imagine making love to a woman with this melody in the background. So yes, it is a sweet cover version of the theme. And well, it is a sweet slow song
  5. hmmm Ultra Music Festival sunds like an offspring from the album name by Depeche Mode ULTRA back in 1997
  6. Damn, I am shocked, what a perfect way of raping a theme. That is one of the first Chrono Trigger covers, Where I don´t know what to say, without saying too much negative points. Shit, I think I would be running screaming the other way. If you did another cover in that kind of way. But I envy your talent, in playing an instrument. So that is the most positive thing, I can say about your version of that theme. Since I don´t have much positivity about this piano piece, since I feel it is utter rape of a very fucking great melody. but well, to save my own ass, then it is my opinion. and normally I am not that critical about a melody. But here I feel (possibly like the only one), that this version isn´t my cup of tea at all.
  7. if I ever heard this song, while I was on a dancefloor. I would be high, as a kite. And just enjoy the remix bigtime, and dance to it
  8. it is an ok remix , but it depends on my mood, how I am with that melody. But it is an ok remix not bad at all
  9. Damn, this remix could be the best ending to a great jazz evening, since it is just damn great, thumbs up
  10. It is a melody I could seriously chill out, after a nights dancing. And yes it is a great remix. No doubt about it, but well the Chrono Trigger melodies are some of my favourite remixes on this site
  11. WOW I am thinking terminator 2 (one of the versions with violins, and well anyway the terminator main theme is really something that it reminds of too) Jurassic Park, and also a bit The Rock (oh well that isn´t that far fetched anyway), but also something I can dream too, and well I think it is a fucking great classical piece and it is something I can listen to alot thumps up it reminds of some of the best kLuTz has made too. very beautiful, and I am astounded by it FUCK I have just listened to most of his composistions, and covers, we have just got another very fucking talented musician on board this community damn I don´t care if I swear but Reuben Kee and kLuTz aka. Gregory pak are some of the most talented piano players, and I would love to hear them both in Copenhagen, if they ever got the oppurtinity to play in Denmark , just listen to Legend Of The Snake and , the rest of their compositions, and then you will know they both are VERY talented artists, and damn good musisicians thumps up
  12. Thanks - spot on with the Green Day influence. I *was* actually considering adding a string part and changing the title to "Town of Your Life" as a VERY obvious reference, but the final product was different enough and serious enough to dictate otherwise. Great I just had a real feeling about Green Day, but heck that is because music in every way is a passion for me anyway thumps up
  13. Well a very lovely mix a little bit of Joshua Kadison with his Song Jessie, and alot of Green day with Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), and some Tracy Chapman, that is how it feels a sweet, and great song
  14. It´s a great song in my mind and the intro reminds me the voice that presents Chef Taco the octopus from 8legged.com
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