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  1. I just name mine based on what's happening in the channel (eg. kick 1a, kick 1b, kick 2, snare, snare rush, pads 1a, etc). If it's too mixed up for me to be able to remember where everything is I'll give each instrument/sound/whatever its own colour (lead synths might be yellow or orange, drums could be grey or white, and so on). If the arrangement gets to the point where I can't tell where the different sections of the track are just by looking at the playlist I'll add time markers. If my mixer's getting too disorganized I'll do roughly the same thing that I do with the playlist. Of course sometimes I just do all that because I'm bored.
  2. Yep, that's the bit. It could really be either, but then I haven't been experimenting to see what gets a closer result.
  3. I didn't realise I actually got credited for the Emerald Hill mix ... I haven't actually heard it since Nesper's first spin on it We ended up finishing the project, then? Neat-o. I'll drag my sorry ass onto my torrenting machine later. I also wonder how it's possible I got 3 different spellings of my screen name throughout the site and on the IDv3 tag, but I'll just leave that to speculation rather than whine about it. ... Oh.
  4. Rexy: In addition to what Jinxx said, you can use MIDI Out channels to control VST/DX generators, if you so desire. This is either done in the method described in the "VST and DX Instruments" tutorial under Projects>Tutorial in the sidebar, or by loading the VSTi/DXi into the step sequencer, still setting the MIDI channels up to send to the generators (same method as is explained in the tutorial only you haven't loaded the VSTi/DXi into the mixer, obviously). monkeybomb: What plugin are you using? Have you tried any others? Even 3rd party plugins, or is that what you're using? I can't really say what's causing that, but you may not have the same problem with another plugin.
  5. Well, that's part of it. Here's the bit the guy's talking about: bt_godspeed-sample.mp3 (96kbps, 102k), geoshitties address so right-click and save target sample provided for research purposes I can't make out everything but I think the effect is mostly from having a phaser with a huuuuge amount of feedback.
  6. Cree: Got some way of getting MIDI in and out of your computer? If so, yes. Myth: Yep, and I'm pretty sure I've said how within the last few pages. Since I'm a nice guy and all I'll do the search for you:
  7. Just to clarify, those tools are two entirely different things, the piano roll arpegiator tool scores arpegiations in the piano roll whereas the arpegiator under the "MISC" tab in the generator properties box arpegiates notes already on the piano roll. Jordex already has the arpegiator in the MISC tab going. jordex: FL version? Can you update to the latest one?
  8. Myself and a few others were working on it, but these days (partially due to my more busy schedule and lack of inspiration) I haven't been putting much work into it. If you want I can go dig up the stuff I've archived and send it over to you if you want to work on it (it's around p50-90, but hey, most of these questions have already been asked anyway). Most of these questions could be answered in the help file, though. There's only a few things dotted around the place which you won't find in there if you don't look hard enough. jordex: Don't know and I don't think so either, but have you tried using the arpegiator tool in the piano roll (select the notes you want and hit alt+a)?
  9. LAOS: They're send channels, you can "send" the dry signal from any mixer channel to them to layer effects and the like in parallel with whatever's in the other mixer channels sending to those channels. You can check the help file or the online help file for how the other things you asked about work. Darlos: I don't have enough time to speculate why you might not have the help file installed since it's standard with the program, but look at the online one anyway. OilSlickKing: Soundfonts can be used in FL either with the built-in soundfont player or through a VSTi soundfont player.
  10. If you can't set up your keyboard to do that already, I think there's some sort of hardware converter you can buy that'll do roughly the same thing (possibly by the same company that made the little box to fix the DX7's MIDI Out CC# problem, and also a MIDI>CV converter if I remember correctly, but I can't for the life of me remember who makes them). Otherwise I don't know what else you could do other than play your keyboard softer.
  11. So, what sort of hardware are you dealing with? What other programs do you have running in the background? What audio drivers are you running? Have you checked the section in the help file to do with CPU optimisation?
  12. Also look at the "getting started" guide on the FL Studio website under downloads. Focus on learning how to use the basic functions of the program first (step sequencer, piano roll, playlist, mixer, using generators and effects, using vsts/dx ...).
  13. Video Player. In the generators list. You can only use it to play a video, not export a track with video, btw.
  14. chillsonic: What soundcard, and are you running FL using the drivers for the card or just the standard DirectX drivers? Check under settings>audio options. If you don't have any specific card try using something like ASIO4ALL or KX. From there you should just be able to record from whatever inputs you already have on your computer. You've got everything else right, though. st3v3n: Tried using the forum search function or checking the help file? file>import>midi file. Wasn't that hard, was it?
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