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  1. I'd love it if anyone were to try a remix of any song from Hotel Dusk, I loved all the music in it, sat at the jukebox for hours...
  2. It was LastFM, not really a radio station, but that's what they call it, infact I was listening to your erm... feed or whatever Zircon I don't much like LastFM, but you know, when you don't have a computer anymore, you take what you can get (the laptop wasn't mine, my machine is dead, so my harddrive full of OCR music is useless, and I needed something that would work with the Wii) *edit* What does WMRE mean?
  3. Uh, I was listening to a radio station last night and a good remix came on, there was a female singer with an extremely beautiful voice, I think it was either something Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger/Cross... name had the word tricks in it Sorry I can't remember any more useful info... *edit* nevermind, found her, pixietricks *edit* Grr, I'm going to kill someone if I have to continue using this laptop keyboard
  4. Thanks for the email informing me about VotL, had I not received it, I wouldn't know this awesome album existed, finished the download this morning around 7 and have been seeding since, it's all together a really awesome collection
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