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  1. Hey everybody! Just wanted to chime in to let everyone know we just launched the Stardust Vanguards!! It's getting a pretty good response so far. Special thanks to everyone that's supported us. We really appreciate it. I won't clutter up the forum with more of my adverts, but major thanks to the OCR community since my time on the forums guided me right into the game industry.



  2. Thanks man. Well, I know the mecha trope itself can be a bit cliche, but we were aiming for a really 80s/90s era look to kind of push the setting and general style. So in that respect, we're kind of playing with embracing cliches. The Gundam and Macross influence is definitely there in the art style and with all the cannon fodder your npc troops become. So it keeps the battles personal between players but also letting you feel like you're tougher than all the other NPC reinforcements out there. It was the best we could do to emulate that feeling anime space operas have where there's a big battlefield full of soldiers, but the battle is still personal between those leading their armies, and in a way it kind of feels that way in game. And we have a lot of little silly voice clips between the player pilots and the NPCs which helps sell it a bit, too. Thanks so much for the kind words! The game is finished, we're just waiting for Steam to finalize everything so we can sell it. :)

  3. Sorry for the late response! I just saw you posted!! My bad on that!

    Yeah, we got greenlit on Steam and we're very excited about it. We're just now finalizing things to get the game released on Steam, but we don't quite have everything pinned down yet, so my bad on that! Should very very soon though I hope.

    Sorry we missed your game night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In other news we do have the soundtrack up, which I should have said something about earlier this being OCR and all! :P It's all up on Youtube and Bandcamp though.

    Stardust Vanguards Bandcamp Soundtrack (http://jasonkoohi.bandcamp.com)

    Anyhoo! Thanks for checking in on us! :)

  4. Edit: ITS OUT!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to swing by and tell you about a game project I'm working on with a friend of mine called "Stardust Vanguards". It's a 2D local 4-player dueling game where you're in battling it out in mechas against your friends. The game is inspired by 80s and 90s anime space operas. Our twist on the arena fighting genre is your ability to call in reinforcements which gets pretty crazy. The game also has a cool random event system where a separate NPC faction of space pirates attack everyone in dozens of different ways (trivial line attacks, mercenary assaults, supply convoys, fleet blitzes, and a lot more.)

    The game just launched yesterday!



    We'd really appreciate it if you could tell your friends that might be interested.

    Stardust Vanguards Bandcamp Soundtrack (http://jasonkoohi.bandcamp.com)

  5. Thanks. ^__^

    Why didn't the game come to completion?

    Had some financial issues, technical issues, real life issues. There was a lot complete though, was a serious loss for me. Happened about 2 months ago and I'm still grieving. It all sort of coalesced at the same time at the worst moment possible. It was literally the last option on the table after exhausting all the other ones. Team disbanded, and when it was all said and done I was left with a zillion music tracks and particle systems I had made in Unreal. Haha.

  6. So I was working on a shoot 'em up that kind of didn't make it. But I had so much unused music lying around after that I figured I'd toss it online and make it an official posthumous soundtrack.

    You can listen and download the album for free here.


    or you can stream straight from Bandcamp


    It's just blatant 199X shoot 'em up cliche cheese, and was meant to be. I was sad the game didn't come to completion but I'm happy I'm able to release the album at least. As my first official album release it's a little bittersweet, but still a fun album to crank loud. :)

  7. I'm seriously considering Kickstarter to help my little indie game project, but still, it's something I'd prefer to avoid if possible and fund on my own. Something I'm heavily researching though... taking the jump is a little scary though.

    The dream of something taking off is something I think starry eyed indies often gravitate toward and I don't think it's realistic at all. I know it'd be great if it happened, but real life, yo. Every time I see an indie project from no-name devs with only conceptual stuff, the promises they're making often seem too over the top to be fully delivered, and I fear that over promising and under delivering will end up hurting the reputation of Kickstarter. I know I instantly think of either well known pro's with niche audiences or over ambitious indies. It's working for now, but I guess I fear a crash of some sort later on, inhibiting people's willingness to invest on future projects. Then again maybe I'm just paranoid and/or jaded.

    Better get while the getting's good though. Haha.

  8. I can't wait until games become so realistic that you have to carry your inventory of weapons behind you in a cart pulled by a donkey.

    Hey!! They should use that Boston Dynamics Big Dog robot! Haha, that'd be the real deal!

    I'm intrigued by BF4 because I've thoroughly enjoyed BF3 so much. With that said, I do feel like it's a bit early, but hey, whatevs.

    Hell, if they add bots and local servers, I'll happily pay 100 bucks. ;P

  9. Thank Melbu and Roetaka. Very much appreciated. And super special thanks for telling your friends on Facebook!! :D

    Greenlight is pretty cool in premise but Valve is already starting to change things up. They took away thumbs up vs. thumbs down percentages yesterday, which I was enjoying keeping an eye on. Right now, favorites and view counts are about all I have to go on, but I'm not even sure if that accounts for anything or not. haha.

  10. Thanks guys. Yeah, the background and foreground stuff is something I'm already working on. I have a post processing shader in the works that will alleviate much the problem to set different hues in the background and foreground, all based off of distance. It's really cool and helps not only the visibility but the overall aesthetic look. I still haven't ironed the bugs out yet (it messes with how some of our translucent explosion effects render) but its definitely en route.

    And enemy color schemes are next which will also help, too. We'll have a preset color designation for weak, heavy, and commander units that will also alleviate foreground/background woes. :]

    Thanks Roetaka! I saw you posted on the Youtube video itself, but I figured I'd just respond here! haha.

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