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  1. Ohh and Walan.. If I get my ass moving I'll have an new WIP out for ya.. then you could decide if you want it in or not.. But I'll probably have a finished product if that's the case..
  2. ohhh. man.. Is this project still going.. I've been away for quite some time.. I'm thinking of starting with the Shadow theme again but for my damn own self.. I really hope this project gets done in the future because it's a lovely soundtrack.. Keep up the good work Walan !!! Best Wishes Dimmignatt
  3. Hello... Sorry for my Abscense.. I haven't been in a OCmood at all lately and I have to say that I have lost all motivation for my Shadow theme remix .. (sorry) But I just can't give it my 100% attention.. I have got much better equipment and the stuff I used for the WIP on this song is LONG gone.. So That means I have to Record EVERYTHING again ... I will give it one last try this weekend .. If I don't make it then I'm out on this track and the Versus theme.. I'm really sorry MurmeliWalan.. I'd love to work on this project but my motivation is just not what it should be. But I'll give it one more try.. On the Shadow Theme that is.. You can delete me from the Versus Theme !! Cheers everybody.
  4. My new computer has arrived today =) So hopefully I'll get something done on those WIP's today.. I have some other things to finish up first though. Cheers
  5. I haven't got my new computer yet so I haven't been able to do anything at all on my Wip's. I'll put it this way.. If anyone feels that they can do Shadow Theme or Vs Theme .. Please do.. Because I don't know when I get the time to work on these two.. I'm really sorry to say because I have so much ideas to these.. But what can you do.. Best Wishes Dimmignatt... Ps. If no one wants to do them I will see what I can do once I get my new computer Ds.
  6. Hey Murmeli Walan.. Next week my new comp will arrive.. Then I'll get you an Update on the Shadow Theme and a small preview of my remix on the Versus Theme.. I really hope you'll fancy that because it fucking kicks ass Congrats on getting this project to the site project forum and a VERY BIG good luck to everyone involved with this project. I really like the way this is going and I'm for one is VERY happy to be on it Bye bye now and take care !
  7. Does this mean I still have a shot at the Versus Theme ??? ... I really hope so because I have some REALLY REALLY great ideas for this one.. well, gotta go.. I wont get my new comp for at least 2 weeks.. Take care everyone and good luck on the project !! I'll see you in the end
  8. I just wanted to tell Murmeli Walan and everybody on this project that I wont be able to do a WIP for the Vs Theme until the Deadline because my computer Has broken down !! First my harddrive broke down (manage to save all vital things in the last second). Then I ordered a new Harddrive and everything was working fine until the next morning when my boot sector fucked up.. So I was going to format my c: and install Windows again.. Well it didn't work My motherboard has been fucked up for a while but now IT WAS really fucked up.. So I bought a new one but the computer still doesn't work.. My powersupply to blame I think so I'll have to buy a new powersupply and new memory to get my FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT computer to work again !!! Can't afford that now and I don't have the lust to put more money at that computer at the moment so Next month I'll buy a BRAND NEW ONE .. So I can't make any music until the beginning of October. So there you have it folks .. If anyone wants to do the Vs Theme I guess that's okay with me since I can't make the deadline but if noone will I will definetly take a shot at it when I'm back in buisness !!! Take care guys.. I will not be on msn or Icq but maybe I'll check my e-mail from time to time !
  9. Disagreed, I have no knowledge of notes or any of such yet I still make music, MIDI's are my saving grace until I learn all them notes and can start doing VG ReMixes by ear The best way to learn is to do it !!! When I take out a melody I do it mostly on a keyboard. Listen to the original and then play it on the keyboard and then later on my guitar!! If you don't try it, It will take even longer time until you master it !
  10. Damn.. I will get no Hug then But alas you won't be disapointed with the one I've chosen for the vocals I hope..
  11. Well I will sing also!!! SO ALL IS RUINED FOR YOU !!! hehe.. But I will do deathmetal vocals so it's not exactly singing !!
  12. I think this is rather good !! This will hopefully get the "maybe" people to do something.. On the other hand.. Damn I gotta start with my Versus track hehe.. Well I have some days off this week so I'll guess I have to start with that. Hopefully I will get so far with my Shadow Theme that only the female vocals remains to be recorded !!
  13. Yes we do need you =) We need remixers.. We are fanatics and we wanna go berserk on SDB's ASS.. hmm or something Is it noticable that I'm bored and have absolutely nothing to do at my work ??
  14. bump Bump BUMP !!! Come on people.. Help us out !!! Do it for the better good !
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