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  1. I "had" to re-purchase Brawl after my Freeloader died and after playing it again I remembered why I don't like it...u_u; *sigh*

    I was supposed to get 20 Euro's off as well, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it, but for some reason I got it anyway.

    Ugh, so much collecting to do, so little will to live x_x;

    At least I have better internet connection now, maybe I'll try my luck online later.

  2. Though I love sci-fi and all, I'd love to see them taking the series 'back in time' a little more again.

    The whole shooting thing is a little off-putting, but if I had a PS3 and I'd play either of those games I'm sure I'd enjoy them anyway (to some extent).

    FF12 had some interesting moments and had a good feel, but I didn't really like the battle system. I'd like it to be a bit more active. Of course the end game wasn't very exciting either haha :P

    A good game makes sure the ending makes one feel accomplished, which is something the FF series has been pretty good at overall in the past.

    ;_; I miss FF6 *must play*

  3. So I ordered an import copy of Tales of Symphonia 2 a while back. Sadly it got lost in the mail and I had to re-order it.

    I just recieved the second order today, and I was excited to play indeed.

    So I pop in the Freeloader, which of course doesn't work now. My guess is that by using Disaster: Day of Crisis I installed a firmware update that rendered the Freeloader useless.

    T__T; naturally I am pissed off about this, especially since Disaster was hardly worth ruining my import-play-capability. So I erase the entire thing, hoping the firmware would be reset (it didn't HA!).

    So I guess my question is: since there is no way I can reset that shit, if I buy a new Wii (*rolls eyes*) would that come with an older firmware that still does allow me to play Freeloader games, or am I pretty much screwed at this point?

    The alternative is waiting for the Euro release of Tales 2, which I suppose is better than buying a new Wii altogether. Then again I'd have to re-buy Smash Brothers as well...

  4. Most of my strongest and fondest memories in regards to gaming are linked to Donkey Kong Country (and its sequels). They have been such an inspiration throughout my life.

    One moment that really stands out is the first time finishing DKC1 and watching the end kredits.

    I also have very strong memories of Pokemon Stadium 64, which is a game very dear to me indeed. Especially one moment when I had a bit of a bad day and my best friend showed up the moment I was listening to my fav trance track of all time while pwning Venusaur/Ivysaur with an icebeam :D In fact, that is an aneqdote we still use today.

    Good times :)

  5. The counter actually marks how much money is left in the US...when it reaches zero it means all the money is spent on fast food...

    *back to being a nice person*

    Could it be a Wii-make of Majora's Mask? :D The style of the counter gives me reason to believe it'll be more of a GBA or DS game though 0_0;

    I'll pretend to come back in a few days to check it out again...

  6. Fair points. However, the concept presented in Spirits Within is very much Final Fantasy. In fact...it is Final Fantasy 7: you have the gaia/life stream, the theory of spirits being born from that, to take on a physical body, live and learn, then die to return to the gaia, or the planet, and then that gaia "learns" from its experience.

    I'm using a simmilar concept in my coming sci-fi novel, and didnt realize FF had used it before me untill I actually played FF7 properly.

    Anyway, I'm not saying a movie based on a game can't be enjoyed, I'm just saying it won't appeal beyond the "in-crowd" if not done right. And when done right, it usually becomes something bad to that same "in-crowd" :D

    An (anime) animated series would be a better solution in some cases. I enjoyed for instance what little I've seen of the Tales of Symphonia and Phantasia "cartoon" and that FF7 thing. Ooh, and certain Street Fighter animated series were great too.

  7. I was one of the people who was expecting something resembling something close to a Final Fantasy game to be honest. At the same time I knew to at least ATTEMPT to separate myself form this line of thinking.

    Hmm, this brings me back to my original point: what works in a game does not always work in a movie, and vice versa.

    I think the perfect Final Fantasy 'movie experience' for me is just playing the game itself. Just lock yerself up in yer room for a couple of days and immerse yerself in just the story. Final Fantasy works as a game, so why should it be a movie? Or any game really?

  8. Well, Spirits Within was very much a B-movie that was trying to be A-level. The only thing it really had going for it was the visuals.

    Just out of curiousity, what kind of expectations did you have of the movie? I myself didn't go in expecting anything, especially in regards to elements from the games. Sure it's no master piece, but was there really nothing besides the visuals you enjoyed about it?

    I think it did well at what it did.

  9. I wonder if it had done better or worse if it hadn't had the Final Fantasy tag on it.

    I suppose sci-fi movies don't do too well in general anyway.

    Still, as a movie I loved Spirits Within. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was on vacation in the US, it was in a movie theater. Me and my dad and uncle were probably 3 out of only 12 vistors haha.

    I blame marketing 0_0;

  10. I say, what works in a videogame does not work in a movie. What works in a movie does not necessarily work in a game.

    That's why a game is a game and a movie a movie. Both have their own appeal for their own reasons.

    After having just watched 'Spirits Within' again, I can say its story is the very essence of Final Fantasy.

    Everything works because it is made to be a movie that tells its story like any other movie would.

    Not every character needed development, but the right characters did and they did.

    FF:AC, in my opinion made little sense, story wise. I guess that's the Eastern influence. Not that that's bad, but as a Westerner, that takes a while to get used to and grasp. Much like a Chinese movie I saw yesterday, which in the end was very good, and deep, but because the Chinese have such a different vision and way of story telling, it was a little hard to follow at first.

    FF:AC is still an okay watch, but it doesn't work as a (broad-audience) movie in my opinion.

  11. I have no idea what dystopic means but I wrote a story once that I would have loved to see animated (or with still images) somehow with some nice music in the background.

    I know you guys have a lot of writers already. I'm also an "artist" altough I'm not on any kind of pro level or anything (except for the fact that I am a professional graphics-/web designer 0_0; ).

    This is the story I'm talking about: http://rayfalling.deviantart.com/art/The-Journey-So-Far-22429909

    For my "art" see my deviantArt account here: http://rayfalling.deviantart.com/gallery/#_browse/digitalart (its set on browsing digital art, but I do other stuff as well).

  12. Screw sub-genres :D I will still use this as an excuse to mention "The Red Star".

    While I absolutely love the 'shmup' *roll eyes* genre, I don't actually have the patience nor the will power nor the potential to be awesome at it ;_;

    Ikaruga kicks my ass way too hard, but I still enjoy playing it a ton. My brain just doesn't have enough virtual memory to get me through normal or hard mode in one piece.

    I don't always appreciate the one hit kill thing in the genre ;_; but other than that, great stuff :D

    Anyone remember Xenon 2? :D

  13. Me and my best friend played Halo 3 for a little while but it didn't really grab us like Halo 1 or 2 did.

    Though it has a few memorable moments in the campaign, it doesn't quite make me want to play it over and over again.

    I don't like how easy it is to get your hands on the good weapons, or how you don't really need to change weapons because most others are useless.

    In Halo 2, it really builds up weapon wise, and you actually have to think hard on what weapon set to bring along. Sure that sniper is usefull, but how far are you gonna get with it in combination with your other weapon?

    That made for some real strategy and fun replays of levels. But in Halo 3, you can easily blast through with your starting weapon set.

    Halo 1 is a game I still play nearly every day. Campaign never gets old, save for one or two levels, and online clan play is hilarious :D (we have some of the top ranking UK servers too).

    I thought Halo 3 would mix the best things of both prequels and make for one uber game, but I was really disappointed with it ;_;

  14. Seeing as Vesperia is good, my guess is that Namco put their good Tales dev team to work on that one and not Symphonia 2.

    You may be right. That would explain a lot of the game's changes which seem illogical *include picture of Spock here*.

    I guess it's just a typical JRPG for many people, but for me this genre is still kinda fresh so I don't see it that way. And I actually can enjoy it for what it is giving me :D

    Oh well, to each their own.

    Hopefully it won't be that bad though.

  15. IGN's review of Tales of Symphonia 2 was pretty brutal u_u; I've decided to ignore that and ordered the game online anyway.

    Of course I don't want to be dissapointed with the Tales people after all the greatness they gave me :D

    When searching for said game in online shops, I noticed that there are a lot of Wii titles out there that never even made it to Europe. They're probably not that spectacular, but it's a shame that the already limited shelve-space in actual stores here is filled with other garbage anyway.

    People here don't really get that much choice anyway, so it's only natural that certain crap is selling like hotcakes.

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