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  1. NICE! Hadn't even thought of this one.
  2. OK.... so that's probably not what we'll call it. As some of you know, on my show we like to get bracket-style battles together (think March Madness) to decide who's better than who and for what reason. In the past we've done Sidekicks (Chewbacca), Robots (Optimus Prime), Movies (we decide amongst 64 of the films that were released that year, 2007's winner was 300), Games (done much the same as the movies each year, last year's winner was Super Mario Galaxy), and more. In February, the theme is Puppies. Or dogs of any kind for that matter. Nominate your favorite specimen of man's best friend
  3. SHOW IS TONIGHT ! ! ! ! 6-9P EST (about 10 min's) Check out the live countdown at www.whfr.fm thanks everyone
  4. Glitch should've made it. Sorry. We're gonna start doing these once a month or so. So I'll start posting topics to ask for entrants before the actual brackets are made to make sure no one gets left out. Thanks for all the feedback though guys, honestly I appreciate it.
  5. You can type your votes right here if you'd like. And... Scratch & Grounder were considered but they didn't quite make the list (which is kind of silly considering there are a few sources that have more than one entrant). Sorry about that, didn't mean to leave anyone out.
  6. ... So here's the idea. Vote for your faves and I'll be sure to make sure all votes are counted in the early rounds of the LIVE battle on my show. We aren't going for who would win in a fight or anything (because the Sentinels from the Matrix would wipe the damn floor with Robby the Robot or Rosie from the Jetsons), we're really just asking who's the coolest most Robotty Robot around? You can see pics of all the contestants on my myspace (as well as pics of the veto's contestants who didn't quite make the cut for the real thing). Let me know what y'all think? Feedback is definitely appreciat
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