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  1. just wondering...what happens if nobody claims those five tracks left, we wont leave them behind will we?

    (sorry if this was answered before)

    Hello ^^

    Well, I think we have now the most popularest tracks and it's a really BIG project. But as I know Usa he will do the tracks at his own. Yeah, he can't even sleep when just a single track's missing at the final release.

  2. I don't know where Usa is or what he's making at while. Whatever, I will show you all now the board.

    Usa asked me a long time ago to open a new board for the SD3 Project with private sub-boards and all the stuff. Simply, it's just a another phpBB like this one with public a corner for the Site. Due some problems and the incomfortably of the old one I replaced the cms-board and I hope it will suit you guys.


    I'll add every SD3-Member when he/she's registered. It's not required to be on the board, but for a private place to talk it's quite nice.

  3. Any idea when you'll release the private forum to us? I'm going to start on a new approach to the piece I'm working on (but keep the old one as a backup), and as such will need to be aware of how it fits in with the objectives of the project co-ordinators and overall theme. The piece would then be available to anyone in the project for feedback, and wouldn't have to be publicly available.

    As soon as possible. I think today or tomorrow, when Usa is back.

  4. omg, about 21 new Topic-Pages since my last visit. X_x

    Hello together, it has been a while. First of all I have to apoligize for all the troubles I made, but I never thought that my life's gonna up and done like trash the last months. So, what's up? I worked the last few days on the Page and the requested forum from Usa and now it's online. But I would like to see Usa announcing the new private forum and not me because he managed the most part of the project without my presence and I feel also honored to have him as friend.

    It's just amazing to see how far the project is at while and I just realized that the deadlines must be really expanded. The project's really big and we have actually so much time as we want.

    Atm I'll wait for Usa when he's back online.

  5. FINALLY Landstalker gets a remix!! Took y'all long enough...

    Afaik one more WIP from Usa is still in work. It's an piano-arrangement of "Treasure Hunter Lyle" (2nd Map Theme, Lyle's Theme). Currently it's just completed to 50% and it sounds really great.

    And before I forget, the correct name of the Game is "Land Stalker". Anyone can read it in Romanji on the Soundtrack. ^^

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