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  1. *bump* I'm a noob ^^ Edit: Well, maybe I should write something We're still looking for some Remixers.
  2. Hello ^^ Well, I think we have now the most popularest tracks and it's a really BIG project. But as I know Usa he will do the tracks at his own. Yeah, he can't even sleep when just a single track's missing at the final release.
  3. Got the files now, I'll say tomorrow some feedback in the forum. :> And for the others, let's follow us into the habit ^^v
  4. I don't know where Usa is or what he's making at while. Whatever, I will show you all now the board. Usa asked me a long time ago to open a new board for the SD3 Project with private sub-boards and all the stuff. Simply, it's just a another phpBB like this one with public a corner for the Site. Due some problems and the incomfortably of the old one I replaced the cms-board and I hope it will suit you guys. http://www.vgmpulse.net/board/index.php I'll add every SD3-Member when he/she's registered. It's not required to be on the board, but for a private place to talk it's quite nice.
  5. As soon as possible. I think today or tomorrow, when Usa is back.
  6. omg, about 21 new Topic-Pages since my last visit. X_x Hello together, it has been a while. First of all I have to apoligize for all the troubles I made, but I never thought that my life's gonna up and done like trash the last months. So, what's up? I worked the last few days on the Page and the requested forum from Usa and now it's online. But I would like to see Usa announcing the new private forum and not me because he managed the most part of the project without my presence and I feel also honored to have him as friend. It's just amazing to see how far the project is at while and I just
  7. *push* Hello together ^^ I would like to tell that the project is for sure alive and we're still looking for remixes. There're a few tracks left.
  8. Thanks again Usa for your Help, currently I have a hard time here at home and I'm really that I can count on you. However, I don't think that I'm alone the Main Coordinator - we're Partners for sure. ^^
  9. @KWarp: Nice <3 I can't wait for the final result of the work. This Kirby-Game is still the best of the kirby-ones, for sure. ^^
  10. Afaik one more WIP from Usa is still in work. It's an piano-arrangement of "Treasure Hunter Lyle" (2nd Map Theme, Lyle's Theme). Currently it's just completed to 50% and it sounds really great. And before I forget, the correct name of the Game is "Land Stalker". Anyone can read it in Romanji on the Soundtrack. ^^
  11. Hello ^^ I'm new here and finally I decided to post here too. Well, usually I just watch the Topics here and post sometimes on VGMix on Usa's new Works and WIPs. Let's have a good time.
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