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  1. I drove out to a field and caught last year's show; the streaks of orange and blue across the sky were most spectacular. This year since I'm in a less urban environment I will probably just hop out onto the roof and enjoy the show in the 70 degree weather (I guess there's finally a bright side to how hot it's been up here in the foothills).

  2. I can absolutely imagine this used as an introduction or montage with camera sweeps over vast plains, mountain tops, and other equally astounding scenery.

    As soon as I listened to this, I saw in it the potential to do something along those lines. Granted, NWN's Aurora engine is not renown for its astounding scenery, but it does fit the piece. The innate adventure and vibrant nature that this remix conveys immediately suggested to me that it could be used in an introductory work. To that end I created something that is modeled after the


    Of course, my creation uses in game footage rather than art, but the goal of introduction remains the same.

    Great remix from a great game!

  3. For me, there exists this time barrier that I try not to cross. From my experiences I have found that, if I manage to get less than 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I am able to shut off three different alarms (across the room) and wake up at some time later with no recollection of having done so. Due to this I try to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep, and if I have projects or other work demanding my time and pushing that barrier, I will tend to pull an all-nighter rather than risk waking up late in the morning.

    One such instance of doing so happened last week. I was working late in the lab on preparing a presentation to industry and working on my portfolio. After the time had passed 3 in the morning, I knew I would be beyond the point of no return by the time I finished what I was working on, so I stayed up all night. As has been remarked before, the first few hours past that point became more difficult to stay awake, but I got my second wind in the hours following closer to dawn.

    Of course then I was working late the next night and had to get up at 3 in the morning the following day. I risked going to sleep with little time to do so in order to avoid staying up for three days straight; unsurprisingly I woke up after all my alarms had intended to wake me up.

    ...it still was worth it.

  4. I can tell a lot of work went into this, as I can attest it takes a bit of patience and work to do video editing (particularly when it's pulling images/video for AMV usage). That said, I would have to agree that some of the sound effects (ones other than game-specific ones) tend to take away more from the video than they add, but that's a personal immersion issue I suppose. Keep at it, as you make more videos you tend to pick up new tricks or learn how to refine your skills; hopefully with the end result of making better videos faster.

    I have been doing video editing for a few years now when I have spare time, and I can definitely look back at something from my earlier days and see an improvement in production and skills compared to some more recent work.

  5. Audacity is a free audio recording and processing program that fits the needs of what this project is trying to accomplish. As to particular scenes, yes there are a few key scenes for most characters that are usually picked as they define that character (and/or just have a lot of dialogue for that character to speak), but there is no set list that I am aware of. If you tell me what character you were planning on auditioning for, I could probably point you in the right direction.
  6. Atmuh has a dedicated server set up, located at

    I suggest everyone also looks up how to search for specific servers.

    Is the server set up with a search string (i.e. sv_search_key OCRemix)? Would help people to automatically join the server, aside from just using connect in the console.

  7. I just had a great game where I learned a key weakness of the Hunters: open areas (strafe for the win). But of course I then had two games in a row where the witch was either at the minigun, or at the door switch.

  8. I joined the OCR group, loving the demo but goddamn it's fucking hard doing the game on the hardest difficulty, even on co-op. I think to make the game more fun I will always play on the harder difficulty, makes it so damn tense! Awesome game.

    Seconded; we got destroyed by the sheer amount of random back spawning bosses, and we never even got far enough to see a tank (the witch was always in a bad place).

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