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  1. It's played with the coils. Continuous electrical discharges aren't really continuous - they "flicker" at a frequency ranging from kilohertz to megahertz, imparting a vibration of similar frequency to the air through which they pass. Coincidentally, the lower end of that range (about 10-20 kHz) falls within the range of human hearing; with a bit of engineering, you can modulate the discharge frequency with surprising precision.
  2. If you mean I should have posted in that thread, my bad - that's what I get for only checking in here once every six months or so. ^^; (If, on the other hand, you mean it's already in been posted there, for that I make no apologies - I'd much rather look like an uncultured dork than spend an evening sorting through seven hundred posts worth of ambiguously labelled URLs. )
  3. This is one of the more novel arrangements I've seen. Not strictly a "remix", since it duplicates the original chiptune note-for-note, but the instrument it's played on is worth a few geek points - and it may serve as a point of interest for anyone with a background in audio engineering. http://www.videosift.com/video/Super-Mario-Bros-Theme-by-Tesla-Coils (My apologies if this has already been posted; a search for "Tesla" didn't turn up any hits, so I figure I'm covered, but I may simply be blind.) - Dave.
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