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  1. That twitter comment's too soon... It's still one month till April Fools after all.
  2. So i guess we're still on track for the 2015, right?
  3. All that has a "sixto" in its name is made of win and awesome though.
  4. Wiimote Hot Coffee... ... and Wiimote real time shaving minigame. I knew it.
  5. I would risk a statement that due to colossal anticipation of the masses, this project doesn't have any other option but to pull through to the end xD
  6. I guess the only way to know is to actually email him By the way, how about putting a timer on the project's website? You know, like the one for Persona 3: FES not too long ago on official Atlus website. The timer would count the time to the final deadline and after that moment is reached, the estimated time remaining to the actual release (that way people will hopefully wait in anticipation for a release that may or may not be released at the given time, instead of asking "is it out yet mengz?")
  7. I seriously lol'd. Plus, the image name indicates it has been taken off of 4chan, nay?
  8. I see your point, i have used a bad symbol. The opening phrase in ToP is by Morrison, while in the OVA those same words are pronounced by Dhaos. No spoiler here.
  9. Ill keep that in mind. Its true that the last thing this project needs in this tender phase is stingy jokes.
  10. As far as i am concerned making fun of something isnt neccessarily a bad thing, especially under current circumstances. Suffice to say that it seems i have been misunderstood. And a message to Kyle: I cannot fully agree with your "try harder". The term "wishful thinking" was directed towards those few songs not yet finished.
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