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  1. I didn't really care for X myself, the overall story was just uninteresting to me. I've been meaning to play through X-2 some friends told me they liked it better than X, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    I did like the battle system, and thought the sphere grid was a nice change from the other games though.

  2. We will be heading out in a few, we will be park near the Kentucky Center, but should be over at the hotel sometime around 4. There will be 3 of us, I'll have that tan LoZ knock off looking shirt, jeans, light brown hair, glasses. I'll be with a tall blonde guy and a shorter brown haired girl, all of us are on a skinny side.

  3. I have still yet to get ahold of the other 2 people I am coming with, nor found a taker for my extra ticket (orchestra seats, row c, seat 11 or 13 can't remember which.)Once I get ahold of my friends I will see if we are going to meet up with you guys or not.

    EDIT: Just got off the phone, we will more than likely make it to the meetup at the hotel. We won't be staying at the hotel, living about 45 minutes away and all, but are up for pre-/post-show shenanigans. No one else I know is able to come, so if anyone needs an extra ticket just let me know and I will hand it to you at the hotel or before the show starts.

  4. I have some news guys. One of my friends can't make it, so I am now in possession of an extra ticket. I am looking for someone to take the ticket, and possibly pay the $48 fpr it if they can. If anyone here wants it, cool, because I doubt I will be able to find anyone to take it around my area.

  5. Well, I've not made any plans in regards to exactly when and where we would eat. I just figured that we'd decide as a group at the meet-up. However, to give you an idea of what there is to eat in the downtown area, food runs the gammit from pretty cheap, e.g. McDonald's, to fairly expensive, e.g. fine dining restaurants. I think our meal plans are just going to depend on who's hungry and what they would like to eat. Personally, I have no particular preference on food. Everything's cool.

    Be sure to eat early though, last year I went with a few friends, and everything was closed around 5pm, except for that on 4th street live.

    I have no OCR shirt, but I will be wearing this though.

  6. Wish I would have been on the site a few months earlier. I ordered tickets a while back for me and a friend, then got 2 more last week for 2 more friends. I'm in the Orchestra Left section, Row C, seat 12. I would love to join in any pre-show events, but doubt I'll be able to, seeing as I work till 7am that morning and that night it would all depend on the people I come with.

  7. I was a practice dummy for a Judo class for over a year when I was like 8-9 years old. I was smaller than the other kids, so I guess I was perfect for the all the sweeps a throws I was put through.

    I have thought of taking a martial arts class since then, but haven't really had the time.

  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. This is a great thing to have installed though, and it's for a great cause.

    A back on July 1st I found a lump on my left testicle, and we all feared for the worst. After a trip to the Urologist and an ultrasound on my testicles (very weird) it turned out to be nothing but an epidimal cyst. After that scare, I got most of my friends and some of my family to start running F@H, they aren't part of any group, but still, they are helping to find a cure.

    I think we should all try to get people to install and run F@H, even if they don't join our team, just to help find a cure.

  9. None of the friends I've talked to will put F@H on their computers, neither will any of my family. My girlfriend would, but she uses her laptop for everything, and turns it off whenever she's done working on it, so there would be no point.

    I'm still trying to get people to join though, just having problems finding ones who are willing.

  10. Because it just seems more than likely that they'll get the kid that does Tails' voice in the recent sonic games to do the voice for mallow.


    That's an eerie thought. Tails could have been cool, but that whole preschooler voice is one of the many reasons why Sonic was best in 2D.

    I always thought Tails was supposed to be like 12-14 years old, closer to Sonic's age in the 3D games, and not like 8 years old, which they have him as in Sonic Heroes. He acted alot older in the Adventure games too.

    Back to SSBB, I'm all for the idea that clone characters be different costumes of the main character, with maybe soem different abilities and all. I think I said something about it earlier in this thread, or maybe in the Wii thread, but I would like to see it be different versions of the characters as in the different generations, like Mario would have a SMB, SMB3, Dr. Mario, SMW, SM64, SMS, and SMG costumes, each with different abilities or weapons. Like Sunshine Mario has the Fludd, using it instead of fireballs and for his Up+B jump, stuff like that. Then you would technicaly have tons of different characters, but less area on the character selection screen would be taken up. Some characters it wouldn't work for though, but it would be a nice idea.

  11. Me and a bud were talking the other day, and we agreed that a metriod should be an item in SSBB. When they apear they would be in little canisters, and you throw it at your enemy, it drains their health, then comes back to you and refills yours with what it was able to take from your opponent. Like the baby in Super Metriod (I have that right don't I?) that helps you out in the end. I think it would be a nice touch.

    Another thing we thought about was that the different costums could be the character from different games. So say you pick Mario, he would have one of his 8-bit forms, then the Mario from Super Mario World, then Mario 64, Sunshine, and the last would be the Galaxy/SSBB Mario. They could even release those later as clone characters of Mario via a download, each with it's own powers, like SMB3 Mario using the raccoon suit for his Down + B, and Sunshine Mario able to use the Flud for his Up + B and B moves.

  12. I have always been partial to Young Link, but I'll use any character. I mostly play for fun, but when my friends want to play a little more seriously I usually come out the victor, but most of them don't even own the game, so really it's not a challenge.

    I like to let my opponents play with every character, with me only using one, and after they find out which character they like the best and which one they think is the worst (I think only two of my friends are undecided, as they have only played a couple of times), then I let them choose who they agree is the worst character and I play as that character. It adds a nice touch of difficulty. The all know that I am terrible with Ganondorf, so when I let them pick my character they will usually pick him.

    Oh, and I never let my girlfriend pick the rules when we play, she turns items on very high, turns off all but the Pokeball, and sets it to Stock 99. I lose every time.

    I feel like playing now.

  13. I'm gonna take 4th if it kills my CPU... well maybe not kill it, but run it nonstop.


    I do that allready pretty much....

    Mine's been on mostly non stop for a while now, just we've been having storms the past two weeks, and when a local church exploded last Wednesday the power went out again, but that was unrelated to the power loss.

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