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  1. I first came here late 2001 I think, I don't remember how I found the site but I do know it was the awesome remixes that kept me here. I joined the forums in 2002, and have been a random lurker ever since.
  2. I didn't really care for X myself, the overall story was just uninteresting to me. I've been meaning to play through X-2 some friends told me they liked it better than X, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I did like the battle system, and thought the sphere grid was a nice change from the other games though.
  3. I'm really loving this, I can see it making a permanent home on my playlist at work.
  4. I had fun hanging out before and after the Louisville show last year, but it seems the show won't be making it back this year. I'll talk it over with my girl and a couple friends and see if they want to try and make it out to the Cincy show.
  5. Hey man, happy birthday!

  6. I'm slowly starting to watch the series. I'm on episode 3 getting episode 3 now, damn satilite connection and it's monthly limits.
  7. I use goozex when I get bored of a game, or when I want to try a game without really spending any money. Lots of games I've recived were disc only though, most without any scratches, but it all depends on the trader.
  8. I work all night, so I might be able to catch it tonight on my lunch break. I did catch one a few years back walking from a Waffle House to my work, it was pretty cool.
  9. Well as soon as I can, I'm adding my laptop and my mom's pc, and turning folding back on my PS3. That should help out a little. My desktop just got back up and running, so it should be running non stop now also.
  10. Did anyone get a pick of the two girls dressed up as NiGHTS and Reala from NiGHTS into Dreams? Those were my favorite costumes this year.
  11. I had tons of fun, and next time I will be sure to bring my camera. It was great to meet you guys, sorry we couldn't stay and hang out with you all some more, but Jennifer had work later than morning. We deffinitly have to do this again.
  12. We will be heading out in a few, we will be park near the Kentucky Center, but should be over at the hotel sometime around 4. There will be 3 of us, I'll have that tan LoZ knock off looking shirt, jeans, light brown hair, glasses. I'll be with a tall blonde guy and a shorter brown haired girl, all of us are on a skinny side.
  13. I have still yet to get ahold of the other 2 people I am coming with, nor found a taker for my extra ticket (orchestra seats, row c, seat 11 or 13 can't remember which.)Once I get ahold of my friends I will see if we are going to meet up with you guys or not. EDIT: Just got off the phone, we will more than likely make it to the meetup at the hotel. We won't be staying at the hotel, living about 45 minutes away and all, but are up for pre-/post-show shenanigans. No one else I know is able to come, so if anyone needs an extra ticket just let me know and I will hand it to you at the hotel or before the show starts.
  14. That really sucks Neko, hopefully you will be able to find something.
  15. Well, I'll see if I can make it out that way earlier so I can get one off you guys, or if you can possibly save me a large I would appreciate it.
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