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  1. I'm super excited for this album, and am glad to support the site where I've gotten so much of my music over the last 8-9 years or however long I've been visiting. (sorry I don't lurk the forums much) I had a question though: The reward level to get a physical copy is $50+, and 1500 slots are offered, out of the 2000 total pressings. It looks like an additional 350 slots are offered at higher levels. That makes 1850 copies, out of the total 2000 pressings. But at $50+ a copy, you'd be pulling in $92,500 for your total. Granted, maybe you're expecting fewer of those copies to go to backers and more to be used promotionally at Cons and such, but still, with a stated goal of $30,000 for the 2000 copies, is it safe to assume that much of the funding is also being used for site upkeep and other general fundraising? My point is not to call out anybody trying to scam anybody. In fact, I actually really really really WANT to give general fundraising money. More than any other source I would say OCR has filled my ears with fantastic music, and offered far more than my high-school- (and junior high school-) aged self ever could have repaid. Now that I have that chance, I want to give back to a site I've loved for years. I just want to be sure I'm using the proper avenue to do it.
  2. So, unless somebody proves me wrong that it's counting down to midnight in whatever timezone the viewer is in, using the system time, are we to think that there's going to be a staggered release of something? That doesn't sound like a very good way to announce a video game... :/ Can somebody confirm or deny that it's taking the computer's system time? EDIT: CAXXXXX the above, I messed with my clock and yeah, it's synched with the system clock. I set my clock to 11:59 PM, January 22, and watched the counter roll down from 60. when it hits the end, it just says "comming soon..." (sic). I loves me sum engrish. I, for one, expect whatever's COMING of this to appear on the site at 12 AM, Japan-time, on the 23rd. That's what, thursday morning in the states? That is assuming that the counter is actually counting down to a time and not just the date. So expect this sometime between now and March...
  3. It seems to be synched exactly with my computer's clock to get the time, or both it and my computer are very, very acurate. Anybody else care to verify if it takes your computer's time? also, it's counting down to 12 am on the 23rd in my timezone, but if it's taking your system's time, then it wouldn't change around the world, would it? should we expect something 12 AM CST, or Japan time?
  4. There are also subtle hints in the Hylian/Hyrulian letters and text used in each game. In OoT, the text (found on the signs and some buildings) is angular, like something that would be chisled into stone, whereas the writing in WW is more like script, written in ink on paper. This would stand to put OoT pre-WindWaker. What sort of writing is in the other games?