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  1. Ok so I tried Soundforge. Because I'm syncing from another program on the same PC i use Midi yoke that acts as an internal midi link between programs. But I am having trouble assignin events to happen when Midi yoke sends signals Is there a way to make this working? -thanks /Kriko
  2. Are there any Waveeditors (Like Wavelab e.g) that can start recording when it recieves a Midi clock from another program ? /Kriko
  3. Nice guitar playing. Terrible recording quality. First you need to pick up good soundcard with low noise that can record in higher resolution. The EMU 0404 is a very good start here. Also, if your'e using a dynamic microphone you will need a preamplifier before it enters the soundcard. Behringer makes nice little mixers for this purpose. Nady Starpower SP-1 doesn't look to excluisive. I can really recommend Shure SM-57. Check out this thread: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=83334 /Kriko
  4. The AKG K240S (studio) is the low impedance (55Ω) version of the original 600Ω pair. The higher impecance the coil has, the higher must the voltage be to come up to the same power. This means that the higher the impedance, the "harder is it to drive" them. Compare a 4Ω speaker to an 8Ω for example. The principe is the same. Iv'e listened on a pair of K240 on a computer and with the volume on max from a integrated soundcard the volume is quite enough. If you want higher volume you need a better soundcard or a headphone-amp. If you have a cheap built-in soundcard, the noise guaranteed comes from the soundcard.
  5. Yeah and i just wanna add that if youre gonna use Condenser mics, I'd recommend to buy the Behringer UB802 mixer instead of 502. The 802 has Phansom power supply so you wont need external supplies. It also has 2 mic inputs.
  6. If you're just gonna do one recording I'd ask around to rent or borrow a studio or similar that has all the mics, a mixer and all that stuff. Because as said, just one decent mic will cost around 100$ and if you need to record all instruments at the same time, then you need a mic for each instrument (?), a mixer and some form or recording device (e.g a PC with a good soundcard) Well you'd need that anyway. However if you are able to record in layers (one instrument at time) you can get away with just one mic (the drumset is going to be tricky tho..). I'd go with the "rent-a-recordig-place"
  7. If you wan't to make some more serious tunes, go for Renoise instead . You can do alot just in the demo version. It's a much better tracker with VST support. Because The "NES-sound" is built on simplicity these sounds are easy to create. It's just simple squarewave and trianglewave sounds and the drums/percussion is just noise and these sounds can be created with a free VST instrument (the Satyr e.g.) or with just any soundprogram.
  8. Thank you all guys. I can now confirm that this setup is great and a good place to start out with. Btw if you ever gonna use a condenser microphone, go with the Ub802 mixer. The price difference is negligible and you get one more mic-input.
  9. DJ Headphones usually have a bit boosted lower bass. Check out the frequency curve for these two for example (Akg K.240s and Sennheiser HD-25) I can't tell if that is a bad thing but i guess if you here the bass stronger than what it is, you might put the bass down in the eq and "normal listeners" might feel the bass is a little low.. But curves can vary pretty much between headphones. Check if you can find a frequency on your own headphone.
  10. Thanks. I'll check those out. Eq and stuff yeah. When Iv'e done recording on my crappy built-in soundcard I've had to decrease the higher frequenzies (12k+) pretty hard just to get rid of all the noise :/. I will probarly be able to get a better soundcard very soon.
  11. Ah okay. Thanks for your input. What about the Audiophile 2496 then? At my local dealer the Audiophile 2496 and Emu0404 were the exact same price. I kinda' liking the 2496;s connectors setup better. What's the main difference between them? Oh and by the way, is there anybody here who have recorded something with the equipment (or equally) we're discussing here? (SM57, Adk A51, 0404, Ub502 etc). Well there is cerainly, but I would very much appreciate if somebody wants to share an audioclip just to I know what i roughly can expect from this. Thanks to y'all //Kriko
  12. Get a job and get a haircut. Well, the haircut maybe won't do much difference... but just avoiding buying random stuff that you don't need can save a lot of money. )
  13. Yeah i agree. Conclusions: A mice in the 100$ range (e.g Shure SM57), a Behringer mixer+preamp (UB502 or higher) and a EMU 0404 + some various cables and maybe a stative for the mice. I feel this little setup is a good place to start out with for some homestudio lownoise recording. Is there anything else that I should be aware of? Another question: When I've played on a keyboard via the PC:s internal gameport/midiport, there's a noticable latency/lag. Is it faster with a better soundcard? (Im suspecting this)
  14. Does the 0404 really have so high internal gain so it doesn't need a preamp to work with a dynamic microphone? Sounds doubtful to me.. and still it might be a problem getting a XLR->1/8" cable, plus it's always fun to have a few knobs and buttons to mess around with . The Behringer mixers/preamp we're talking about here are said to be low noise stuff. I dont know. But of course a dedicated micpreamp is always better that just a mixer with a built-in micpreamp. But i think they're decent and there is probarly weaker parts in the chain. Thanks all very much for your replies =)
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