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  1. Awesome! I've been waiting sooo long! I'll seed this... forever O_O
  2. Agreed The goal wasn't really for you to use my logo, but to offer a better quality one. And as I stated before: its there for anyone else to use.
  3. Seeing as how Spire came out of hiding with some great covers, I felt maybe I should do the same. Sometime around when the project was still in the old thread, I started working on a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) version of the Sonic and Knuckles logo in Inkscape. I was just bored I guess... but seeing as how I think it looks better then the version that Spire is using, I thought I'd see if it would be of any use to anyone who wishes to use it. I have three version, all exported to large PNGs. One with a black background. One with just the halo. And no halo! yay! I'm a contribu
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