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  1. Thanks guys, hopefully all of this stuff will help. And about the terminology thing, I know I sound ignorant. But that's why I'm here learning right? Just wait an see, soon enough I will present you all with the best Tetris remix you will have ever listened to - infact, you'll literally pee your pants... or atleast I would like to think so.
  2. I'm still learning a lot about remixing so I really need your help. For what I'm trying to make, I need a MIDI controller or something, but I don't have the necissary equipment at my house nor am I willing to buy it. Do any of you know where I can download a keyboard or something that i can use to compose music? I would prefer free. What do you use?
  3. I've got a 20 second preview of a Tetris remix that I'm working on and it will be my first mix ever. I just would like some feedback about it and how to improve upon it, but I don't want to upload the thing as a whole song or whatever. Do any of you know how I could do that on this site or do I have to link to other sites for that? What would you recomend? Anyway, I did post it on another site so here's the link: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=692711&T=6941
  4. I'll admit it, I'm new to remixing. I'm working on one of my first projects, but I need a way to input some MIDI, but I don't have any of those fancy pianos or anything because they're too expensive. Do you guys know where I could find something (free) online that will let me compose my own MIDI files?
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