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  1. hey,first post in a LOOONG time.... so this might be a little rusty to start off... it's an enjoyable track. your arrangement deserves some merit, and it does have a very ominous feel to it. a little complaint... the kick drum that comes in at 1:05 feel a little off, lke they're too flat. I would switch them to something a little heavier, almost akin to a bass guitar in depth. (although they definitely need to be drums). That, or something more booming... at 1:46, it feels like you just loop your track again... there is some change later, but it starts out too repetitive. and that's something you have to fix on your own. at 2:16... your chimes feel a little dry, like they're muted... If you could find a different chime, something more drawn out, more vibrant and clangy (dunno if that's the right word...) also, if you drop that whole section from 2:16 to 2:32 down to just chimes and some ambient noise in the background (less than you have now...) then i think the overall effect will be a better lead-in for your next section. Then just bring everything back in at 2:32. Oh, and your ending is a little abrupt... there's some other stuff i can't put my finger on... but i'll try to think about it and get back to you in a while... Overall... i think you're headed in a good direction, but you're a ways off from the judging board... Good luck, keep at it Namaste, Hina
  2. okay, I was just browsing, getting all excited over what this project officially entails, and wasn't going to post anything, but I just saw something that I couldn't pass up. Mind you, this doesn't have anything to do with the project, but please keep reading. As i was scanning the forum, i glanced at the ad at the top of the page. It was for an in vitro fertilization website. :vomit: P.S. Corel prison? maybe? aww.. c'mon. PLEEEZE???
  3. pretty much the same here. If there is anything i would listen to for the rest of time, it would be Sonic remixes. HH is good, but lacking. A two-disc shot of remixes from one of the best video games ever should stop the crack itches and quivering hands for a while. I thank you immensely for continuing this project.