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  1. Wasn't quiiite sure where to post this, but I figured here would be best.

    Many of you may or may not know of deezer.com, a music website that allows you to play many tunes.

    Anyway, I did a search on the site for Zelda music - and came up with four tunes from OCRians. You can see the tunes here, but they are listed as follows:

    Zelda 'LinkGoestoNewOrleans' OC Remix by Neskvartetten

    Zelda 2 'Hipccordian' OC Remix by AmIEvil

    Zelda 3 'LostWoodsSouthCentral' OC Remix by Ben Cousins

    Zelda 3 'town(busylifeOC)' OC Remix by Hazama

    I know there have been incidents in the past where music produced by OC Remixers gets distributed without their consent, and I wanted to make sure this wasn't happening here. If anyone knows these artists (or, even better, ARE these artists) and knows the situation involving Deezer (specifically, whether the music was approved for upload), I want to make sure they are aware of the appearance of their music on Deezer. My thanks to anyone who can contact the people in question about this situation.

    Oh and, bonus points for anyone who remembers me.

  2. Hmm..Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and Final Fantasy VI Advance. Or V Advance. Or IV Advance.

    Thanks. I already have PoR, and I can't rent NDS games from Blockbuster, but I'll probably rent Super Paper Mario.

    The Rygar game looks cool, but all we really have is one piece of concept art. AWESOME art, but that's pretty much it.

  3. 1106823394-05.gif


    Could you remind me which game that is?

    Hm. Actually, I have a request for you guys.

    I'm having foot surgery on Monday and I will be either completely hyped up on drugs or in a fuckton of pain, depending on my tolerance level. I have many Gamecube games and other material to keep me busy, like books, but if I were to convince my folks to rent a game from Blockbuster, any recommendations? I've been bad about following game news much lately because of school and all the prepping I've been doing, so any suggestions are appreciated. I also have a dusty PS2 and an NDS. Of course I'll be off my feet as much as possible for six weeks, so any upcoming games are fair game, too.

    Thanks! (:

  4. Xerol said it was pushed back to Fall 2009...mistake on his part? The issue was the budget though, EA put a cut to it so they have to slow their pace.

    They did WHAT?

    That's the ONLY PC game I've been anticipating the last few years!

    Rawr rawr growl I HAVE RAGE. DX

    I'm still only sorta interested in 360. My hate for MS for their "LOL VISTA" shit shall be hard to overcome! DX Plus it's really fuggin' expensive to get the good version.

    But my eldest sister went crazy over Viva La Pinata. I guess I shouldn't show her Little Big World.. she can't even afford a Wii, for cryin' out loud.

  5. Wow. Five games I'd consider getting for the Wii this year... am hoping they won't all be released at the same time(right before holidays). I'd like SOMETHING to play while I'm sitting on my arse during the summer.

    This combined with the DS game lineup, too. My wallet's going to be anorexic. D:

  6. Oh, also, major props to Viginia's governor for the following, via CNN.com:

    Them's fightin' words!

    Seriously though... yes, major props to the Virginia governor. It's not often that you hear politicians speaking out against that kind of thing.

  7. Also, here's my Pop'n Music controller, haha. That was before it was shipped to me.


    Holy crap that's awesome.

    Does Pop'n Music come in english? That is, the menus, etc? The one that's brought to Magfest is completely Japanese, making it rather difficult to choose songs.

  8. I'll have to say the best Bemani game is Pop'n Music.

    YES. Doubly so for me because foot-problems-requiring-surgery prevent me from playing DDR(or Pydance because I'm a cheap bastard).

    I get to play it once a year at Magfest. And usually literally only once, because after that people who are actually good at the game come and want to play, and then they don't stop playing. Ever.

    Also, you have big feet.

  9. Bow chicka bow wow!

    Sorry, that joke's probably been made about six billion times by now.


    I'm renting Elebits. It's pretty good. Not quite as fun as rolling up houses and screaming people, though.

  10. I am posting this from the new Web browser right now, and man is it sweet. Rather a pain to type though. This took me two minutes to write, lol.:mrgreen:

    Cue keyboard attachment for the Wiimote.

    I guess this is why my Wii was glowing blue all day today, though.

  11. Yeah, Wii Play isn't that hot. We got it for the controller though, so I'm not broken up about it.

    Zelda: TP freaking ROCKS. It's actually better than I expected, which is impressive because I was expecting an amazing Gamecube game.

    Unfortunately, I think I may have guessed a major, major spoiler in the game. I don't usually do that, either. ): Makes me sad.

  12. The 4 blue leds blink you mean? That means it probably needs to be resync'd, though I think other people who experienced a similar problem said it went away after turning the console and leaving it for a few hrs. You probably already know, but just in case, to resync, take off the battery cover on the wiimote, hit the red button, then hit the red button on the Wii console next to the sd card slot in the front. Also, to get better range, you can go into the wii settings and change the sensitivity all the way up (5 is the max) and that'll help a bit.

    Also, congrats on the Wii!

    Thanks. But it's not working - the controller just continually blinks(the 4 blue leds) until I turn the console off.

    The sensitivity is already at 5, btw. I set it to that so the controller would stop jumping around on the screen.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I was doing it wrong. Tried to sync it too early before. Thanks!


    Speaking of which, my controller is freaking out. It was working fine until I tried to play Rayman, at which point the game told me to sit closer to the TV. So I went back to the home menu and now it doesn't register at all, regardless of where I stand. It just blinks. Any suggestions?

  14. I have an HP Pavillion dv2000 notebook and I'm tired of using the integrated graphics card that came with it. The only problem is that I've only upgraded PC's before; I've never worked on a notebook. First off, I can't find online if I can even upgrade the graphics card on this model. If anyone knows or can find out for me that would be great. Second; if I can upgrade, does anyone have suggestions for a good card. Ideally, I would love to be able to run Crysis when it comes out (the graphics card is the only upgrade I need, other than Vista of course) but if that's too expensive I would settle for being able to run F.E.A.R. well.

    Because of the proprietary nature of notebooks, upgrading them is a royal pain in the ass. Pretty much the only thing that is commonly upgraded in a notebook is the memory and the harddrive, and even those are difficult to perform if they are, say, put underneath the keyboard. The placement for all components is specific to each individual model.

    And if your graphics card is integrated into the mobo, you're pretty much screwed. There IS no extra room in a notebook, so you're looking at actually upgrading your motherboard.

    However... PCMCIA video cards do exist, and while I don't have much experience with them, it may be just what you're looking for. Make sure you can take at least Type 2 PCMCIA cards in your laptop. It looks like PCMCIA video cards are chiefly used to just expand your display to two screens, so make sure you can actually get a card that is better than your integrated video.

    Oh yeah, and this belongs in the Help forum.

  15. So... tonight, I decided to have a bit of fun. Everytime a popular artist borrows something big, a mashup artist has been there to provide amusement in the form of a mix of the two: I think immediately of PartyBen's Computer Talk (of Coldplay v. Kraftwerk), and Cheekyboy's Tom Petty v. Chili Peppers. I wanted to get in on the action this time, so bam:

    neminem - Do Acid (Tempest v. Glenn v. Nelly Furtado)

    It's a bit dirty, still, since I obviously didn't have a 'pella or an instrumental to work with, just the originals. Incidentally, just overlaying the chiptune over the Furtado tune didn't sound that great - they're too similar in some ways, but not quite similar enough in other ways, so it just sounded off. What did sound good, though, was overlaying the original tune by tempest over the Furtado tune; then I added a bit more of the chiptune in places.

    Oh yeah. Then, while I was already there, I made this, as well:

    neminem - Acid Signs (Tempest v. Glenn v. Snoop Dogg).

    As you can see, Mustin: I consider what I do to be real music, of a (rather twisted) sort, even though I am perfectly happy to admit that I have no skill at writing anything of my own. What I do differently, though, is state explicitly where everything I stole came from. That's the difference between borrowing and plagiarism.

    It helps that using parody puts your work under Fair Use.

  16. Oh my god.. talk about sensationalistic journalism.

    Short story: some reporter is saying that kids will download porn on their Wii.

    I have to wonder how many of these sorts of stories are in some way started or backed by the target system's competition... Throw a few bucks towards a couple of PTAs or groups, and mention how easy it is for kids to do something "bad" on the other guys hardware.

    Considering some of the shit that went down in the last few year, I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

    I lol'd.

  17. umm.... UMM... WRONG!!

    ok first off Nintendo cant do jack all, because Adrian is not selling this remix, or making money off of it in any way.

    I'm not entirely positive, but I believe the rule is, its copyright enfringement if somebody is making money off of somebody elses song without permission, or a remix of somebody elses song without permission. Either its a rule, or people just dont care unless the other person is making money off of it.

    Also, OCReMix would never get sued by anybody unless they were selling CD's of the songs on here.


    if (person == making money from remix)


    enfringement = true;




    enfringement = false;


    Incorrect. You are infringing on copyrights regardless of whether or not you sell your works.

    However, it is true that most people don't give a shit if you aren't making money off your works. That DOESN'T make it a good idea to widely advertise a particular remix as being 'yours,' as that is generally treading into dangerous waters, I would think.

  18. It's legal if you get the appropriate license to. For an example, see that Estradasphere Super Mario Bros. 2 remix on this site? That's actually on one of their commercial albums, and they're known as a serious band, outside the context of OCR, if a little known one (I bought their most recent album in an FYE a few weeks ago back in NY).


    Does that license mean going to Nintendo and saying "Can I please sell these?"

    Cause if so, then yeah I already figured you could do that, since Nintendo should own the copyright to their games' songs and not the artists.

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