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  1. I just need some good tutorials to look at for free for someone without the software itself. If anyone has any suggestions im listening. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you very much for your feedback Drack but I cant seem to figure out how to install and soundfonts correctly. I am probably just doing something wrong. Maybe its the folder that i installed it in but it wont work. Thanks in advance for all your help, im probably being a pain by now.
  3. Im having trouble with fl and since this is my first time using it i just need some help. Right now im working with the demo version and i would like to know where to get some good tutorials and free soundfonts for beginners? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I can pretty much play anything but if you want something done really good its my sax or singing.(any type of sax) or my wood flute and grand piano but mostly go with the sax. Also i have well defined editing skills so if anyone needs anything edited or needs looking over its with me. Requirements? dont really need them. i will pretty much take anything as long as its playable. I will contact you if i believe anything might need changing and such. But if you could it would be helpful if you could send sheet music and if not midi, then after that give me some idea of what it sounds like but for the most part just make it simple for me and it will get back to you faster. e-mail- yomammasofat123@yahoo.com aim- bfillybobjoe