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  1. LOL You do have a big inflated ego, don't you? I was just trying to make a point here, or maybe getting some answer to something I didn't know. As the head member of an announced project, you should know that people look forward to what you're doing, have ideas and expect response - I bet you will expect response when this is finished! So try to be more fair and less superstar. Oh, by the way... if you don't like opinions, why do you use a public forum to discuss your project? There is nothing in the guidelines that would preclude me from enjoying my right to free speech =p
  2. Dude, I know you're the man in charge of this collab and I do not mean to get into subject I'm not supposed to, but... don't you think it's too late to bring in more people? I mean, you guys have been working on this for over a year and we are all so anxious to see what will come out. I don't know. What frightens me is that bringing more people in will delay the conclusion of the project in a good deal of months...
  3. I'm also anxiously looking forward to this. But it's feeling like some urban legend right now
  4. Hello folks. Mind answering a lil' question? What's the meaning of OPEN, CLOSED and DONE, regarding the remix states? I'm trying to get a picture of the current state of the project and I'd like to undesrtand what tracks are really ready and what's not yet. Thanks in advance!
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