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  1. The original C&C had a number of great tracks, and I think they deserve more love. I'm thinking Mechanical Man, Act on Instinct... there were many others but I forget, I'll have to dig my old copy out and see what I can find. This request was inspired by the guys at http://www.tiberiandawn.info/ Any fan should probably check it out.
  2. I'd like to request a remix of what I think of as the main theme from Gadget Twins, but probably isn't. It plays, if I remember rightly (at work, so can't check) during the ending credits, and there's part of it in the Zepplin Attack level too, if I'm not mistaken. I believe it might be a real tune outside of video games as well. At the risk of looking stupid, I will attempt to demonstrate the tune I'm thinking of in text: Dum dumdi dum dum, dun dun dundi, dum dumdi dum dum, dun dun dundi, dum dumdi dum dum, dun dun dundi DUM DUMDI dum dumdi dun dundi bom bomdi... I think that's enough of that... < ^.^;> I'll try and record the tune I mean later. Also, Thump's final boss theme deserves a remix too, I think. The one where you fight him and he's not riding in some large vehicle.
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